Lucy took a long drag of her clove cigarette “I’m disgusting…” she thought to herself as she yanked her hood over her hair. She was looking at her feet as she trudged along the pavement, beat up black boots slapping the wet ground, not noticing the man she was about to run into.

“Ooooof… shit sorry” she mumbled as she slammed into someone, glancing up her words caught in her throat when she made eye contact with bright golden eyes. Almost too light to be human.

“No problem” he said confidently with a smile that tugged up the left side of his mouth, bright white teeth poked out from his lips. “Where are you headed?” He asked.

“Just down the street to the gas station” Lucy mumbled as she fiddled with her zipper.

“I’ll walk with you” he said and smiled even wider.

His eyes glistened and Lucy saw a glimpse of pointed teeth, but she blinked and they looked normal again.

“Sure, okay, it’s not far”

He sauntered into step with Lucy and they walked in silence for a moment.

“So, what are you going to gas station for?”

“Just an energy drink before work” Lucy replied.

“Ah, did you sleep okay?” He asked questioningly.

“Why does he care?” Lucy thought to herself, but replied anyway.

“I don’t sleep well…” she trailed off “why am I telling this random stranger about myself” she thought, mentally kicking herself.

She peered left at him shyly, he was looking intently at her and flashed another smile. Again Lucy swore she saw long pointed teeth, but in a flash they were gone.

“What the fuck” she thought to herself.

A few more seconds of silent walking passed.

“Where are you headed?” she asked quietly, wishing almost instantly she could reel the words back into her mouth.

The man chuckled “Does it matter?” he said smoothly “I’m walking with you now”

He looked at her and held eye contact for what felt like an eternity. Uncomfortable, Lucy tugged at her sleeve.

“Uhm…” Lucy hesitated “I’m gonna put my clove out real quick” she said walking to the side of the pavement.

She crouched down, back facing the stranger. She squished her clove into the ground, the cherry going out with a faint hiss. She felt the mans presence linger above her. While still crouched she turned her head to see him looking down at her. Eyes glistening and mouth pulled back into a smile again, but this time his lips seemed to spread too wide, and his teeth were growing longer and sharper.

Lucy shook her head but this time it didn’t go away. He leaned in closer to her, reaching for her chest.

“What the fu- stay away from me!” Lucy exclaimed and stumbled back into the gravel behind her.

“I’ll scream if you come any closer” she threatened.

“Do it. No one will hear you, Lucy.” He practicality sang her name but with a hint of poison in his voice.

“Fuck you! I didn’t tell you my na- HELP!!” Lucy screamed, but no one within distance heard a thing.

Her eyes widened as she looked at the man. “What did you do to me?”

Body shaking Lucy tried to scramble backwards and up at the same time but the man moved at her with inhuman speed and slammed his hand against her chest. Lucy yelped in pain and tumbled backwards, the man caught her mid fall and stabbed his hand into her chest.

Lucy tried to scream but nothing came out. A couple shuffled past them, giggling and holding hands, but didn’t so much as glance their way. It was as if they were invisible.

The last thing Lucy saw was the mans face stretching impossibly far, sharp teeth growing longer as her chest gave way to utter blackness around the mans hand. Slowly her vision faded until there was nothing. She was nothing.

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