My Writing Process

So traditionally speaking I don’t follow “normal” writing techniques. I don’t believe there are any solid “rules” to writing, and if there are, well… Rules were meant to be broken.

Where To Begin

A majority of the time my stories stem from thoughts, experiences or dreams. For example; being outside and alone in the dark of the forest, hearing a sound or thinking I see a figure, then BOOM my imagination runs wild with some elaborate story. I usually have an idea and think “wow that would be an INSANE ending to a book/story” and then I build around that ending. It might not be the easiest way, but it works for me. In order for me to dive in and write I need to be excited about my story and want to figure out how I will build it and get to that ending.

Keeping Notes

Whenever I have an idea I type it down in a note on my iPhone so I don’t forget, because if I don’t, I WILL forget. I also have these stickers, that my older sister gave me, where you write a word count for the day and stick them in a journal, or planner etc. These work wonders for keeping me on track. If you also struggle with keeping on top of your writing, try getting a planner for jotting down quick ideas no matter where you are.

Confidence In Your Work

I was also extremely nervous to put my work out into the world, but over many years I figured why am I writing these stories if no one reads them? Once I posted my first story it was like ripping off a band-aid, painful for a moment but in the end it needed to be done. Positive reinforcement from not only my friends and family, but other authors online who would cheer me on, helped me a lot with finding the courage to post my writing. I suggest joining a group of friendly writers, because we all know the struggle, and we are all here to build each other up.

Basically, my advice is to follow through with your ideas and write the way that works for you. Don’t give up, and take it at your own pace.

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