This Is Why I Don’t Like Halloween

Ellie stumbled out of her bed, flinging her covers off

“Fuck” she mumbled “I slept in late AGAIN”

She did this every morning, staying up too late at night, snoozing her alarm about ten times before she actually got out of bed. She quickly pulled on her favorite, but very worn, pair of jeans, and a pulled a hoodie over her messy
head of hair. She slammed down the stairs, grabbed her backpack, and flew out the door.

Ellie opened the door to her 1999 Honda with a creak, and plopped into the seat with a heavy sigh.

“Why am I like this?” she chuckled to herself. “oh well, I might make
it on time if I don’t catch any lights” she thought to herself.

She started up her car and backed out of the drive way, speeding off towards her college class.

When she pulled in looking for a spot she noticed something odd, everyone was dressed up in various costumes.

“Ah shit, it’s Halloween today, I totally forgot” she
said out loud.

She glanced down at her jeans and hoodie “I wish I would have remembered, could have worn literally anything today”.

She got out of her car and rushed to class anyway.

Ellie made her way back to her car after a long day of class, since it was October so it was already dark at 6:23. Not many cars were left in the lot, she chose later classes for a reason, she always slept in late. She was putting her key in the door to unlock her car when she heard a crashing sound behind her, she jumped and quickly and turned her head in the direction of the noise. It was a group of students dressed in various cliche Halloween costumes; ghost-face, Michael Meyers and Jason. They began
laughing and quickly ran off in the opposite direction.

“Fuckers!” Ellie exclaimed as their laughter faded.

She hopped into her car, slammed the door and cranked on the
heat as she pulled out and made her way home.

Ellie got home, found her comfy spot on the couch, and began watching tv.

“Ugh only Halloween movies on…” as she flipped through the channels.

A bowl of off brand Halloween candy on the coffee table in front of her.
“ding -dong” her doorbell rang, startling Ellie.

“Trick-or-treaters?!” she said out loud “but I left the porch light off so they would leave me alone…”

she looked through the peep hole, and flicked the porch light on. There was a masked person wearing all black, fairly tall and thin. She swung open the door and was about to tell them something along the lines of “fuck off” but before she could get the words out the person shoved her hard to the ground inside. They slammed the door shut without turning their back, and pulled out a long knife, glimmering in the light of the tv.

“What the fuck?!” Ellie yelled, the person stepped slowly towards her.

Reflexively she jumped up as fast as she could, planted her feet firmly, and spread her arms out wide.

Ellie normally couldn’t control her magic, but the anger building up inside her felt like it was forming a black mass in her chest, and when she focused it was easy to maneuver the anger, the power inside of her. Ellie’s chest began to radiate purple, dimming and brightening with each beat of her heart. It spread from her chest down to her arms, and lit her hands up with an eerie glow. She looked up at the masked figure with rage, her eyes began to glow purple as well, as if purple steam was drifting off her eyelids. She grinned mischievously at the masked person.

“Oh shi- look lady it was just a prank, I- I’m sorry” the kid said as she began to stumbled back towards the door, clearly afraid of what transformed in front of him.

Ellie laughed manically, “Oh it’s too late for that…”

She surged her power forward, and the kid began to lift off the ground, purple energy enveloping him. His eyes rolled back into his head, and
a terrible, painful sounding noise escaped from his throat. Ellie clinched her fists together and the kids body began to contort unnaturally, bones began cracking with a loud crunch, joints disconnecting with a sickening pop, until a final wheeze of a last breath was heard.

Ellie dropped his body to the ground and sighed “This is why I don’t like Halloween.”

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