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Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! This is the next post in our series, “Best Things for Fantasy Nerds”. Today we are talking about the best fantasy-related TV shows. We decided to focus on some more recent shows, because there are so many TV shows out there. 

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is the embodiment of fantasy. I doubt anyone is surprised that this show made the list. It is full of knights, dragons, and magic. The characters are compelling and the twists are devastating. Game of Thrones is one of the few shows where you really don’t know what to expect because the good guys are often killed. I caught myself holding my breath many times while watching this show. 

Game of Thrones is based off the Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin. You can read more about the book series in this post. Although I think the books are better, the show was kept interesting by the fact that it did deviate from the books, not to mention that it outpaced them. There were some seriously talented actors and actresses on the show, who made it a joy to see our favorite characters come to life. It was also amazing to see the dragons, direwolves, and white walkers on the screen. You need HBO to watch this show.

Carnival Row

I was immediately intrigued by the trailers for this show, and it did not disappoint. I will always tune in or pick up a book when fae are involved. I also really loved that this show was both fantasy and detective-noir, two of my favorites that I don’t think I’ve seen together. The mystery was intriguing and gruesome, and it wasn’t obvious who the killer was. I also liked the Victorian feel and how the social constraints of that time period played out in the plot. All these elements combined to make the show something unique. This show is available with Amazon Prime TV.

Stranger Things

This Netflix original instantly became a big hit, and I must admit I was late to the scene. Once I started watching I was hooked, and it became one of the few shows my husband and I both enjoyed. Stranger Things follows Eleven, a girl with telekinesis powers who escapes from where she is being held as a test subject. The story continues as she makes friends and they try to stop creatures from the Upside Down, a kind of alternate dimension. The cast of characters were relatable and entertaining, and added a needed lightheartedness to what otherwise would have been a dark show. The plot was also fast-paced and intriguing. This show is a Netflix original.

Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

This anime started right in the thick of things. Immediately we are drawn into the action of a goblin fight, and then presented with the mysterious premise: our main characters woke up in Grimgar without knowing how they got there and with no memory of their lives prior. They have only vague thoughts that reference what we know as the modern world, but they do not understand them. The characters have no choice but to fight goblins in order to earn money for food and rent, despite that they are rather terrible fighters. 

For a short show, I became attached to the characters so quickly. They have a really entertaining dynamic going, both as they become friends and learn to fight as a team. The show is both heartwarming and heartbreaking in just the right amounts. I found myself thinking about the characters after I turned off the tv for the night, wondering how things would turn out for them. Even after the show ended (there is only one season), it still stuck with me.


I love the main character in this show. She is intelligent, independent, strong, and sassy. She travels back in time to the 1700s amidst a Scottish clan, and manages to impress them with her healing abilities and constantly defy their traditional way of life. She somehow charms and outwits her way out of a number of dangerous situations. The push and pull of wanting to return to her own post-World War II life with her husband, and coming to know and care for these new people made an interesting conflict. This show had me really invested in what happened to the heroine. 

Outlander had some very powerful emotional moments, and some surprisingly hilarious ones. I love the moment when one of the Scottish clansman tells her “I’ve never heard a woman tell a joke before” after she playfully insults him. This is the first time the clan begins to accept her. The scene where her Scottish husband tries to punish her for disobeying him had me laughing so hard. There was also an episode about a witch trial that was interesting and emotional. Overall, this show had a lot of history told in a compelling way that kept me emotionally invested.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This show is a dark take on the “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” show that we all know and love. I was excited to see that there would be a Netflix remake. The new version is no 90’s sitcom, and is actually more of a horror show. Although I miss the talking Salem, the addition of Sabrina’s warlock cousin makes up for it. Both shows start around the time of Sabrina’s 16th birthday, but in the new version she already knew she was half-witch and must decide by her 16th birthday whether to complete her Dark Baptism and renounce her mortal life.

I found this show very intriguing and mysterious. All the characters seem to have ulterior motives that you are trying to figure out. Then there is the mystery of why everyone is so intent on making sure that Sabrina attends the Academy of Unseen Arts, the school for witches and warlocks. Finally, a witch is murdered which seems to imply a witch-hunter is out for blood.

What did you think?

Did you agree with our list? Was there a fantasy TV show that you thought we should include? Let us know in the comments below! 

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