Red Eyes

I was maybe seven or eight, we lived on base because my father was in the military, so we had a small house. My two brother’s had their room while I shared a room with my older sister, and one night I had never been more thankful she was there. 

I slept with a teddy bear and my sister said I would often toss and turn, sometimes elbowing her in the middle of the night and I would wake up with my teddy bear across the room. I didn’t think much of it, I probably tossed him in my sleep. 

I awoke one night, bear missing, my sister sound asleep next to me. I felt so awake, and so scared for no discernible reason, my first instinct was I wanted my bear. I glanced up to look for him, it was dark but the moonlight lit up the room enough to make out figures of various things, like the dresser to the right of our shared bed. I began to look around the room for my bear and froze when I saw a figure at the end of my bed. 

It was a dark figure, looming and shapeless, with small red eyes that seemed like little menacing flickers. I instantly pulled the covers up over my head, foolishly thinking this would keep safe. My breathe was hot, I could barely breath under the covers. My first instinct was to wake my sister, I began to reach for her but then I thought to myself if this was real, I didn’t want to involve her. I didn’t want her to get scared, or worse hurt. 

I hid under those blankets, hot breath after breath, for what felt like a century. I didn’t dare move a muscle, I didn’t even blink, but I couldn’t shut my eyes. I could still feel it’s presence, whatever it was, I could tell it was still there, watching me. I couldn’t help but think what it wanted or what it was going to do. I was afraid to scream, or make any noise because I wanted none of my family to be involved, I wanted them to be safe. 

I dared another peek, I pulled my covers just enough for my eyes to see the end of my bed. My heart dropped, I felt sick to my stomach, it was still there. It was still staring with those red flickers. It was tall, inhumanly tall. It’s shapeless form looked almost as if was smoking, spreading further the longer I looked at it. I felt like it could see right through me. 

I slammed the covers over my head again and didn’t so much as blink. I think the only thing keeping me from spiraling into complete panic was my sister peacefully sleeping next to me. I watched her chest move with steadily up and down. I felt her warmth and calming energy. But I still refused to move, I was so uncomfortable but I didn’t dare. I stayed that way until I saw the sun creeping up, the light pouring through the blinds. I felt relieved, the sun was up so I was so safe. With that I drifted off the sleep. 

To this day if I wake up in the middle of the night I can’t help but having the sickening feeling if I woke up, something woke me up. 

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