Quick Hacks for Increased Energy and Productivity

We know that one of the biggest struggles for writers is not having enough energy or focus to write. Let’s be real, most of us work full time jobs and have family obligations that leave us exhausted by the time we get the chance to write. This is really true for anyone that’s trying to run a side business or practice a hobby in addition to our day jobs. So we thought we would share some hacks we’ve come across to increase your energy and productivity. 

Drink a Full Glass of Water

We know that you know you probably don’t drink enough water. Neither do we. Clever read about this energy-boosting trick in The Miracle Morning for Writers, and it is now the first thing she does upon waking. This trick is especially helpful if you write in the morning. During sleep, we naturally get dehydrated, and dehydration causes exhaustion. If you drink a full glass of water upon waking, or anytime you feel tired, this will give you a near-instant boost. 

Smile at Yourself in the Mirror

Yes, you are going to feel ridiculous at first. Just try smiling at yourself in the mirror for 30 seconds before you start your day, or your writing session. This hack comes from The Morning Sidekick Journal, which really could be another hack itself. This tip is helpful for writers because some of the time when we don’t have the energy for writing, we are really feeling self-doubt. This exercise has been linked to decreased depression and stress. Seeing yourself smiling basically tricks your brain into thinking you are happy! And the truth is that stressed people lack energy and focus. 

Don’t Crash on the Couch…Yet

The first thing that we want to do when we get home is just veg out in front of the TV or our IPad, etc. Just don’t, not yet. Once you allow yourself to stop moving, it’s so much harder to get going again. I absolutely hate this tip, but I continue doing it because I have found it to be the most determining factor for whether or not I get my writing done. Once I come home and flop on the couch I don’t usually want to get up again, especially if I put on Netflix. But if I walk through the door and keep moving until I get on my laptop, I get my writing done every time. You can also use your Netflix binge as the reward for your writing session, and you will enjoy it so much more when it’s guilt-free!

Stand in Superhero Pose for 5 Minutes

I’ve already made reference in another post to my love for Grey’s Anatomy, so I’m not even going to pretend I got this idea anywhere else. For those of you that don’t watch the show, one of the doctors cited a real study that found that if you stand in a superhero pose for 5 minutes before attempting a difficult task, you will perform better. This pose involves puffing out your chest, lifting your chin, and placing your hands on your hips. This is basically a confidence hack, which will again help with that energy-sucking self-doubt we all feel. 

Train Your Brain

One of the best ways to get down to business is to create a signal for your brain that it’s time to write. You can choose whatever signal works best for you, just keep it consistent. You could put on a writer hat or socks, drink a specific flavored coffee or tea, or light a candle that you only use when you write. For this hack, we are loving this sassy “Adulting” candle that smells like Espresso! Scent is a very powerful thing, so if you can find an invigorating smell (think coffee, orange, or eucalyptus) then you can double the power of this hack!


If I’m feeling in a funk and have been sitting at my desk with no idea where to continue with my writing, I love to hop up, stretch and get my blood pumping! I like to start with some push ups, maybe go for a quick jog around my neighborhood, or simply do some jumping jacks; it gets you energized like nothing else, which can get those writer juices flowing! If you regularly workout, diving into your writing after a good workout is another great way to stay on top of it! Especially if you plan after every workout to write, you’ll get in an excellent habit of writing!

Essential Oils

This might sound silly at first, but I love to grab a roller ball of lavender oil, rub it on my wrists and temples to surround myself with the smell. It’s extremely relaxing as well as stimulating. It helps to calm the mind and focus! You can also dab a small amount on your Cupid’s bow to enhance the scent. Also, it’s inexpensive! 

Plan Ahead

Deciding what to write about takes a lot of mental energy, which is in short supply after a long work day. If you can figure out what you will write about in advance, you save yourself this step and are more likely to sit down to write when the time comes. You can decide on the next scene/project you need to work on when you end your prior writing session, before bed, or on the car ride home from work (Clever’s favorite option). Also, planning ahead what to work on gives you the added benefit of being able to daydream about the scene throughout your day or commute. You will come to the table, or desk, with great ideas, which is always energizing!

What Do You Think?

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