Blood Moon

Trees whizzed past in a blur. The sodden soil sunk beneath her weight, as dirt chunks flew up with each clawed paw that effortlessly navigated the forest. The moon was high, and its fullness glimmered above through the tree line. All that could be heard was the rhythmic thumping of paws, and the wind whipping. 

Her ears twitched, and light grey eyes glimmered in the moonlight as she quickly veered to the right, nose flexing to the smell of her prey. She was close. Silently she slipped behind a tree, eyes that could clearly see in the night fixated on what she had been searching for. 

She knew they would be here, knew the spots they would linger in privacy, because they were also her places with him. Her dark fur stood up on her neck, she could barely contain the snarl rising up from within her chest, gums peeling back to reveal endless sharp fangs. There he was, light curly hair falling into his face,  shielding his golden eyes from view. He wasn’t alone, and she knew he wouldn’t be. He threw his head back in laughter, placing his hand on the girl’s thigh. 

Tears stung at her eyes. She rested her snout against the tree, and squeezed her eyes shut. She knew the look on his face, she didn’t need to watch. She had seen that exact expression countless times, but only now realizing how meaningless those looks were. Sadness turned to anger, anger turned hatred. In this form it was more difficult to control her emotions, the animal instincts took over easily. 

She tried to control her breathing, but this time she couldn’t stifle her snarls. 

“What was that?” a high pitched voice that belonged to the other girl spoke shakily. 

“Relax Veronica, we’re in the woods, there are animals out here.”

“You said this place was safe,” Veronica scoffed as she flipped her hair over her shoulder. 

“It is…” he practically hissed as he approached the girl. “I wouldn’t let anything happen to you, you’re my girl” he whispered as he leaned in and kissed her. 

She couldn’t contain it, not when she heard the words he had said so many times to her. Her hind legs pushed her forward from behind the tree. It took all of two seconds to reach them. Her eyes locked onto his exposed throat and with one swift movement she leapt from the shadows and latched her long, white fangs into his soft flesh. His throat gave easily, and she tore it from his body with minimal effort. Blood spurted uncontrollably from his neck, as she crushed what was left of his throat in her mouth with a wet squishing sound. Warm blood filled her mouth, trickling down her gums and soaking the fur around her mouth. 

Veronica, clearly in shock, just stared as the boy fell to the ground, twitching uncontrollably in the dirt. The blood wouldn’t stop pouring. His expression was frantic, he tried to speak but only gurgled and caused the blood to spurt faster. After what seemed like an eternity, even though it had only been mere seconds, the light in his eyes faded and he lay still. 

Her glowing eyes met Veronica’s. She let out a warning growl as blood dripped from her snout, and pushed her right front paw firmly into the blood soaked dirt. Veronica seemed to finally snap out of it and let out an ear piercing scream, scrambling to run in the opposite direction, almost tripping over branches in her wedged sandals. She didn’t bother following Veronica, her prey had been vanquished. 

She ran home, feeling free as her fur rustled with the wind. The full moon seemed like it was smiling down at her, proud of his creation fully taking form. Arriving at the tree line just behind her family home, she lay down on her belly feeling the cool grass against her. She gently placed her head on her paws, the blood had dried matting her fur in red clumps. She watched the glowing full moon until it faded and light began to appear. 

Suddenly her muscles began to contort and ripple, she let out a whelp of pain as her skin began tearing and peeling, blood and chunks of furry skin plopped into the grass. Her spine ruptured into a series of cracks, reforming itself to fit a human body. Her whimpers slowly changed pitch into cries, tears streaming down her face as her smooth human skin reappeared, snout retracting into a small upturned nose. She let out a sigh mixed with relief and exhaustion. She sauntered slowly, naked and covered in blood, back toward her home. Her cheeks stretched into a smile, she would never forget the taste of his blood.

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