Best Bath and Beauty Products for Fantasy Nerds

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! Are you feeling the need to pamper yourself after all your adventures? Need to get dressed up for the latest ball? Well, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite bath and beauty products!

Unicorn Whipped Body Butter and Unicorn Lip Plumping Mask

These products both look beautiful, but the best thing has got to be the smell! The only way to explain it is that they really smell how you would expect a magical unicorn to smell, with sugary scents of bubblegum and cotton candy. The body butter makes your skin feel so soft. Clever has become obsessed with the lip mask because it is so moisturizing. Another product of theirs that you might enjoy is the Cosmic Candy bath salts. They look cool and make for a fun bath. Aminnah also makes a mermaid sugar polish and unicorn dreams bath fizz that we would love to try next. 

Mermaid and Unicorn Sugar Souffles

We haven’t actually tried these sugar souffles from Basin, but boy do we want to. I mean, they just look so magical! Also, we both really love Basin’s bath bombs. They make your whole bathroom smell great, have that perfect fizz, and make your skin feel so luxurious. We’re sure these sugar souffles will be just as wonderful!

Enchanted Rose Makeup Brushes

Clever received these beautiful makeup brushes as a gift from WTF; probably because the name, Enchanted Rose, gives off Beauty and the Beast vibes. The bristles are so soft and they blend extremely well. Plus, the handles look like rose gold unicorn horns! 

Modern Skyn Alchemy

These handcrafted skincare products look like potions, and they make your skin look and feel amazing. Clever has used a number of their products, and her favorites are the Shimmering Rose Mist, Reborn Moisturizing Serum, and Rose Lip Polish. She really likes that the products are natural and organic. Plus, using them makes her feel like she just walked into an apothecary. They also have a Mermaid Cooling Spray that we think fantasy nerds would love!

Silvery Lilac Baked Highlighter

Wearing this lavender-colored highlighter from Estate will make you feel enchanting. It is buildable, so you can use one swipe to look like a fairy-in-disguise or more for a full-fledged mermaid look. Besides this “Afterglow” silvery lilac color, they have “Raindrop” which is a pearly blue. We just love standing out with these magical colored highlighters.

Dragon Egg Bath Bombs

Game of Thrones fans, or any dragon fans, will love the look of these dragon egg bath bombs. We love that they are handmade in the USA. We are both frequent indulgers of bath bombs, and these just look fantastic! Pardon us while we pretend to be Daenerys when we step into our steaming bath with these dragon eggs.

Oil-Free Face ‘N’ Hand Refresher Wipe

These face wipes have a mystical and inspiring packaging that’s perfect to remind you that it’s great to be the fantasy nerd that you are! We love that these are individually wrapped to just throw in your purse. They also are made with a refreshing citron essential oil scent that feels great on your face.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit

This palette is full of fantastical colors! Including WTF’s favorite Lucky Clover, which is a green highlighter. She loves to wear it when she wants to feel like an elf, or a forest nymph! With the blues, silvers, purples and greens any fantasy nerd would find the perfect shade for whichever fantasy look they desire!

Sailor Moon x Colourpop Eyeshadow Palette

WTF recently got her hands on this, which is currently sold out at most stores, but it’s the perfect palette for any fantasy nerd. Besides it’s adorable packaging the adventurous array of bright colors is so versatile for any fantasy look! She love the glitters; add it to any look to feel like a faerie! 

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Thank you so much for reading, we hope you enjoyed our post! Taking care of your mind and your body are so important! It makes you feel good on the inside and the outside. Sometimes adding a little fantasy flair makes it even better. ^_^ 

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