Run Away From The Light

I woke up from a tickle on my cheek; I smiled against the warm sunshine on my face and peeled my eyes open. The tickle was from grass, I was lying in a tall field of it with no end in sight. I rubbed my tired eyes in confusion.

 “How did I get here?” I thought.

 I sat up slowly, trying to process my thoughts, but they were foggy. I decided to explore this beautiful field while I gathered my scattered memories like the flowers that littered this endless field. 

It was somehow the perfect temperature here, not too hot, not too cold. Just a slight breeze every time I wished for one, and my favorite flowers seemed to pop up out of nowhere. I gingerly plucked a piece of a juniper plant, and crushed it in my hands to let the sweet aroma waft all around me. The breeze came just in time to swirl the scent all around and fill the air. 

Suddenly I wasn’t in my field anymore, I was in a car. I glanced up and saw my air freshener dangling from the rear-view mirror, it was juniper scented. That snapped me back to that moment, I was driving to get fast food at 11:38pm, I saw the digital clock blinking at me. My parents were gone that weekend for a trip. I was bored and didn’t feel like cooking that night, so of course I drove to get food. I was in the right lane, popped my turn signal on and heard the click-click-click as each right arrow illuminated my dashboard. I saw the light turn green and began to turn right, but a truck had run their red light, clearly trying to get somewhere in a hurry, and slammed into my car. 

I don’t remember much after that. Just my field. The realization of what happened to me was overwhelming, I couldn’t breathe.

Why was I here? Why wasn’t I at home?” I began to panic.

 I ran through my fields of tall grass and flowers. Mind racing, my feet seemed to have a mind of their own, there was nowhere for me to run, my field was endless. I felt a strong pull out of nowhere, it made me stop in my tracks. I looked around for a source and saw a bright, swirling blue light. It was breathtaking, like nothing I had ever witnessed. The array of blue danced with my tall grass, and I felt an urge to go towards it. It tugged at me again, and I began to lift gently off of the ground. I let the warmth take me, I let the blue light warm me to my core and carry me like a mother carries a baby. Gentle, protecting me, taking me somewhere safe.

My beautiful field was shrinking into the distance and finally disappeared. I continued to feel a tug, it felt like my soul was being ripped away from my body, and just as that thought crossed my mind I saw exactly that. My body. There I was, lying in a hospital bed, tubes in my nose and mouth, an IV in my right hand. I began to panic again. 

“Why wasn’t I there with my body?”

I looked around for answers and saw my parents. My dad was holding my sobbing mother, they looked older than I remembered, my dad’s hair had gone completely white, and his eyes looked as if they had sunken in. I couldn’t see my mother’s face, it was buried in my dad’s chest, and she heaved with each choking sob. 

“What the fuck was going on?” I frantically thought.

It was then I truly understood. I saw a doctor next to a machine, a machine I assumed was the only reason I was alive, and I saw on the screen a heartbeat. My heartbeat. It was barely thumping, a slow and tired beep every two seconds or so. The doctor just stood there, watching my body struggle to die. He must have just turned off my life support. My parents must have made the decision to do so, and that’s why they were crying so much. 

“I’M HERE!!” I tried to scream, but they couldn’t hear me.

 All I wanted to do was reach down and hug them, to comfort my mother and wipe her tears away. Let her know I was still here, and still loved them.

“How long had I been unconscious? How long was I in that field?” 

Based on my parents appearance it had been years, but I had no recollection. 

Another tug at my soul, but harder this time. I couldn’t fight it, if I could have cried, warm tears would be leaking from my eyes. I didn’t want to leave them, I didn’t want to go. But it was too late, the vision of them rapidly grew fuzzy, and they were gone. I was out of time, I should have ran away from the light. 

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      Wow it’s a beautiful story but sad,gram feels the light is a good thing though sad for the love ones left behind,a place where love ones wait for you.

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