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For this week’s post we will be talking about some Fantasy Horror books! Some on this list just dip their toes in the horror genre but we thought anyone who enjoys Fantasy would enjoy these, as well as anyone who enjoys Horror! We hope you like our list and find some new reads!

The Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft

I had to include this one! While it’s technically only a short story this is one of my favorite Horror stories I’ve read. The descriptions in this have always stuck with me, especially the way Lovecraft describes Cthulhu waiting below the depths to be called upon, but I won’t spoil that imagery for you. The story centers around cultists who believe in a god named Cthulhu and try to summon him through nefarious acts. The setting is eerie and like I stated before the descriptions of the cultists and Cthulhu are quite unnerving. It’s a quick read that will definitely stick with you! 

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

This is one of the books that isn’t fully Horror but some aspects are quite creepy. This takes place in a world where vampires exist, but are forced to live in a city secluded from humans. Our main character is a human who sneaks into this city and has some terrifying encounters with vampires. 

There are different classes of vampires in this society, and the descriptions of the poor vampires and how their thirst for blood is similar to that of a drug addict made me almost uncomfortable to read it was so well written.Holly Black is an excellent author of Dark Fantasy and moments in this book teeter into Horror. Oddly enough if you have ever played the video game Dishonored it had a similar vibe, but with vampires! 

Dracula by Bram Stoker

At first I was thinking this choice might seem too cliche or obvious, but I feel like it deserves to be on this list. It’s so well written, and the form of letters describing the experience at Dracula’s castle is horrifying. Reading it as though it’s someone actually writing out their thoughts, emotions, and experiences makes you feel as if you’re there experiencing it as well. I loved reading the effects of Dracula outside his castle as well and the mystery behind the strange events taking place. As the original Dracula story it’s certainly a necessary read! 

Horns by Joe Hill

Published in 2010 it’s a little bit of a newer book. It perfectly intertwines Fantasy, Mystery as well as a pinch of Horror to make it a perfectly seasoned book. When our main character’s recent ex girlfriend is murdered he becomes the main suspect. In uncovering the mystery he finds out some horrible things about his peers and realizes he also has some incredible abilities. He starts growing horns out of his head, people can’t lie to him, and he has some other abilities I don’t want to spoil. As his abilities adapt the mystery of what happened is revealed, and her murder is quite gruesome. 

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