Anniversary Celebration & Blog Tour!

We wanted to do a special post to celebrate our one year anniversary at Clever & WTF! We cannot believe we have been sharing our stories and posts with you for over a year already! It seems like just yesterday that we were getting excited over our first comments and followers. (OK, we still get excited over every comment and follow!) Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with us!

We are so thankful to each of our 48 followers, and we hope you continue to enjoy our posts! This will be our 57th post, and we have had 757 visitors to our site with 1,492 views. We also have a Facebook group with 40 members who love to read and write fantasy! We appreciate all the family, friends, fellow readers and writers who take the time to read our posts! Your support has blown our minds! 

WTF’s Update

I want to start by saying I can’t believe it’s been a year since we started this blog. Thank you so much to everyone who has kept up with us! The biggest update for me in the last year is I moved to Colorado with my partner and our dog. Maintaining this blog, my Etsy shop and a full time job has been difficult but incredibly rewarding! I love having a place to share our writing with everyone, and I look forward to many more years!

Clever’s Update

The big update for me is that I was published in print for the first time!!! My short story, “The True Gift”, was chosen for Fractured Realities Anthology! You can read more about the book, and find the links, below. As for my novel, I am about 20,000 words in, so I’ve made a lot of progress and still have a long way to go! You can check out this page on my website to read the blurb for my novel-in-progress, The Royal Campaign.


Release Date: July 20, 2020


“The worlds were remade; everything was new.”

Sirens and Cupids. Half-demons and aliens. Prophets and ancient gods. Treasons and vindicated rebellions. Santa’s elves and the thoughts of Christmas trees. The wishes of children and marriage proposals. Love that takes its first tentative steps and goes on through separation, transcending boundaries and misunderstandings. 

Experience the worlds of Fractured Realities: existences that intermingle the light of love and the darkness that hides behind stars and in the hearts of men. Other realms where magic and old powers blend. Places where men born of the mist, selkies, mysteries, and simple humans walk, trying to find truth and meaning in life and those around them.

Combining the voices of twelve writers, spanning four themes, this dark and whimsical book invites you to remember, in worlds where nothing is promised and cracks often mar the surface, all things carry on, beauty remains, and light shines through the fractures of reality.


D. Gabrielle Jensen, K.T. Seto, Chaz Beebe, Virginia Elizabeth Hayes, Sarah V. Hines, Deana Rose Wilson, Theodore Niretac Tinker, Allorianna Matsourani, Ashley Kay Wong, Leo Otherland, Kristine Haecker, Theda Vallee




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Popular Posts

We decided to do a round-up of our most popular posts and stories, in case you are new to the site or missed any of the top posts (or just want to re-read them). 

What About You?

Where are you at in your writing progress? What exciting things are happening in your life? We would love to give you some encouragement! In celebration of our anniversary, we would love for you to comment with your favorite story and/or blog post from Clever & WTF! It makes us happy to know what you have enjoyed, and helps us to make the blog better.

Thanks so much for reading, and for all your support!

-Clever & WTF

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