Best Cozy Items for Fantasy Nerds!

This weeks post is inspired by all things nerdy and cozy! Fall is just around the corner, and with it comes colder weather, pumpkin flavored beverages and lots of cuddling up inside wrapped in your favorite blanket! We have compiled a list of our favorite cozy Fantasy Nerd items, and we hope you find something new! Or a cozy reminder of your favorite things to do in the fall.

Harry Potter Scarf

When the cold wind bites at your nose and ears nothing is better than a scarf to keep you warm. This scarf has an option for every Hogwarts house and a lining of soft material on the inside. It’s surely the coziest way to show your house pride!

Lord of the Rings Blankets

If you’re like me, nothing beats an extremely soft blanket during the fall and winter. I have the Map of Middle Earth blanket and let me tell you it has been loved down to its last thread. Soft to the touch,the perfect size, and it’s Lord of the Rings! Can’t get any better than that. I also adore the Balrog travel blanket, it is soon to be mine, it has straps to carry the blanket so you can feel like Frodo going on an adventure!  

Targaryen Knit Beanies

We all love a good knit beanie to keep our head cozy during those fall outings. This Mother of Dragons beanie would make anyone feel fierce, and the Targaryen beanie is beautiful.

Fall Bookish Joggers

I got a pair of joggers from the bookish shop, and they are they comfiest pants I’ve ever worn! Mine are the ACOTAR joggers, but they have some fantastic new fall joggers available. I might have to get a second pair, after I saw these fall vibes joggers. They also have fantasy related joggers, from LOTR and Harry Potter, to Throne of Glass and Twilight!

Book Mug

Cozying up with a good book and a warm beverage is a feeling like no other. The snow sprinkling softly to the ground while you watch from your window, one hand a loved book and the other a warm mug of your favorite fall drink. What does that mug look like? Here is one option we loved for fellow book connoisseurs!  

Dragon Journal

Another great option for any Fantasy Nerds! Whether you enjoy doodling, writing or making lists for your fall favorites this Dragon Journal is perfect! 

Dragon Pen

What’s better to go with your leather bound dragon journal than a dragon pen? Nothing! This pen is perfect for any Fantasy Nerd! 

Library Book Scented Candle

Now if you love books, we know you flip the pages and inhale that glorious scent. What’s better than a book scented candle! Whoever came up with this is a genius, any cozy fall day would be perfect with this candle.

We hope you like our list! Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comments below! Stay safe and have a wonderfully cozy fall, Fantasy Nerds!

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