The Threads That Connect Us

The wizard weaves and eyes his shimmery threads. He sees where the man is, and where he must go, but how to get him there? He contemplates the other string blocking the man’s path, but knows he cannot move it. The wizard sees that there is only one option. He grabs the man’s string and tugs it. The man pitches […]

Best Fall Cocktails for Fantasy Nerds

Fantasy Nerds love the fall season, especially Halloween! It becomes totally normal to dress up as our favorite fantasy characters and tell spooky stories. And for those of us over 21, there are some great fall cocktails to drink. We thought we would share some fun fall fantasy cocktails with you! We even created some signature recipes just for this […]

The Magic of Onyx

I was walking home from work, kicking rocks with my worn out boots, dreading the rest of the night. I enjoy Halloween enough, but I was at the weird age when I couldn’t get away with Trick-Or-Treating anymore, and I was too young to go downtown for extravagant Halloween parties. Deep in my self-loathing I stumbled across a few young […]

Giveaway for Fantasy Nerds!

We have a very special post this week for you guys! To show our appreciation for following our blog, Clever and I decided to do a couple of giveaways! This first giveaway will feature items all handmade by WTF! We were brainstorming how we could give back and show how grateful we are for everyone’s support, and here we are! […]