The Shadow Grotto – Part 3

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! This is the conclusion to my short story. If you haven’t read the first two parts, you can start the story here. I hope you enjoy! After convincing the man that I was also interested in finding a chimera of my own, he gave me more details about the location she was found. Between that information and […]

The Shadow Grotto – Part 2

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! Thanks for coming back to read part 2 of Clever’s story. If you haven’t read part 1, you can find it here. I pull into the now dark parking lot in front of “Puppies and More” at 5 til 9. The sound of my car door closing seems too loud, and I try to soften the steps […]

The Shadow Grotto

I tap my fingers on my desk, as I wait for the website to load with last night’s winning lottery numbers. It’s like walking to check the mailbox when you aren’t expecting anything, but you go anyway just in case there’s something important waiting. I bought three tickets, but I didn’t watch last night’s news. I heard talk in the […]

New Year’s Writing Resolutions

Happy New Year! We thought a great way to start off the New Year would be to share some of our writing-related goals with you and ask you to share some of yours. Let’s encourage each other along our journeys! Connect with Our Community One big goal that both of us want to focus on this year is connecting with […]