Book Review: Fiction Tinker’s Guide to Whimsical Worlds

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! Today we are sharing our thoughts on a new worldbuilding book that we think will be helpful to our fellow fantasy authors. Read on for our review, the book blurb, and where to purchase Fiction Tinker’s Guide to Whimsical Worlds!


Before reading this book I had been stuck in the middle of my novel, looking for fresh ideas to fuel the plot. Tod’s book gave me so many new ideas to work with. I was excited about my story again.

By the time I finished the book I felt like I had considered every aspect of my world down to the tiniest detail. My mind was whirling with possibilities, as my world came alive in my head. I began to imagine the inner workings of my fictional society, and what it would really be like to live there.

The book is well organized, so it would be easy to refer back later when working on a specific area of my story. The adorable artwork made me feel like the tiny dragon was my guide through the book. I believe I’ll have a more immersive fantasy world as a result of reading Fiction Tinker’s Guide to Whimsical Worlds.

*We were provided a free ARC of the book for our honest review*


The starting idea for a story may come easily, but many writers get lost when plunging into specifics. Which details should you seek on your quest to create a convincing world that enchants your readers? How do you keep from getting lost down the proverbial rabbit hole?

With his friendly and down-to-earth approach, Theodore Niretac Tinker—three-time award-winning author and seasoned developmental editor—will guide you through your journey to connect the dots, tie up loose ends, and gain new insights into your world. Fiction Tinker’s Guide to Whimsical Worlds is:

1.     EASY TO FOLLOW: Twenty-one tips across seven topics provide a map for defining your world.

2.     VERSATILE: Follow the map through the world of any fiction story—historical, contemporary, speculative fiction, and more.

3.     REUSABLE: Employ the map as a quick reference or read it straight through.

4.     FILLED WITH PLAYFUL SIGNPOSTS: Twenty-one ink drawings capture the curiosity and whimsy of worldbuilding!

Start your journey today and find the knowledge you seek to build an engaging and immersive world your readers will never want to leave.

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Balance of Seven:


About the Author

Theodore Niretac Tinker is a worldbuilder. Words and worlds are his passion; quality and consistency, his goal. A three-time award-winning fantasy author, he has been through such a winding journey as an author that he wishes to help as many other writers and authors navigate the journey with ease and quality as possible.

With a certificate in editing from the University of Chicago (home of The Chicago Manual of Style), Tod has spent the last few years achieving this goal by providing editing services for his fellow writers. His bachelor’s degree in mathematics gives him an eye for details, as well as the big picture, enhancing his worldbuilding skills.

Tod supports his many literary endeavors with an endless supply of chocolate, which he hoards in his library alongside his books like any good dragon. You can follow Tod on Facebook and Twitter at @TNTinkerEditing for daily discussions under the hashtag #EditingTidbit.

Check out for more in-formation on Tod’s editing services and available publications. Many of his previous fiction publications, including his Evon series and eleven short stories, can be found under his former pen name, Dorothy Tinker.

About the Artist

Holla Watson is a bipolar artist, teacher, creative energy healer, and illustrator who loves fantasy and whimsy. As a child, her whole world was vibrant with imagination and color. She collected odd, shiny, and silly things, using them to create art and make up stories. Her heart, body, and soul are consumed by art—her North Star during the traumatic challenges of her adolescence and early adulthood.

Her truth? Art saves lives.

When she’s not helping others find their souls through art, you can find Holla video gaming, hiking, hanging with her animal family, and playing with her two kids. Come say hi at @Sweet.Issues_art on Instagram, @SweetIssuesArt on Facebook, and

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