The Seer – Part 4

This is the fourth part to our short story, “The Seer”. If you haven’t read part 1, you can find it here!

“You must be Celestials.” The dhaceen hissed.

He took a step closer and his eyes darkened like a storm cloud was sweeping through them. The human disguise seemed to falter, his aura was so dense, so evil that the darkness radiated from his body as if it was made of black smoke. 

“You are the reason our kin didn’t make it across…for that you will be punished.” 

Without a thought I stepped closer to Liam, I didn’t want to seem afraid but I was. As if he had a similar instinct he stepped in front of me in a protective stance, looking up at him his face was stern. I felt safer, even though death was staring us in the face.

“What are you searching for?” I dared to ask.

“That is not for you to know!” The dhaceen spat.

He then pulled a long obsidian dagger out of a pocket in his coat, the hilt was adorned with rubies, the blade twisting unnaturally to a sharp point. He hadn’t changed form yet, so I assumed he was confident in disposing of us as a human. I felt a chill run down my spine and swallowed my emotions.

With an unnatural crack the dhaceen bent low and in a blur of movement lunges forward at us. The only thing I could think to do was wrap my arms around Liam’s and waist and pull him backwards to avoid the initial impact. It felt was if we were falling in slow motion, and Liam lifted his arms in defense and to both of our surprise a bright beam of energy flew from Liam’s arms and struck the dhaceen. He toppled over and let out a groan.

“Looks like you have to train more.” The dhaceen spat through gritted teeth. “It will tak-“ before he could finish he fell forward over in agony. His bones began cracking and popping out of their sockets. Chunks of flesh peeling and plopping onto the ground with a soft thud as the dhaceen riled in pain and spasmed erratically.

Liam had fallen partially on top of me, we both scrambled upright and I asked him “What happened?”

“I…I’m not sure.” He looked down at his arms as if they were not his own. 

The dhaceen’s grotesque noises grew stranger and louder, he bent backwards, spine cracking and altering shape. I saw his eyes flash red again as his jaw grew long and animal-like, sharp teeth pushing out through bleeding gums. 

“Liam I think you may have revealed him!” I was panicking. If the dhaceen was seen in this form the chaos that would ensue was unimaginable. 

“I didn’t mean to…” Liam trailed off. He was clearly in a daze.

We were almost out of time, we had to do something. 

The dhaceen’s fingers and toes stretched and grew, fingertips parting for long claws to emerge. The human form was gone, now only a pile of deep red blood and ribbons of flesh. Those searching red eyes met my gaze, and I was looking at the terrifying creature I’d only seen in The Other Realm thus far.

“Liam…” my voice trailed off. 

I wanted to sound brave, I wanted to be brave, but I was afraid. I decided in that moment I wouldn’t go out without a fight. I inhaled and stood my ground. 

“Stay behind me!” Liam said urgently as the creature began to make a guttural noise, almost like he was cackling at us.

I wouldn’t, I was going to stay beside him, and do whatever I could.

Suddenly the dhaceen ceased its inhuman noises and froze in place, and for a moment the creature seemed confused before it began to contort erratically accompanied with high pitched squealing in agony. The creature then started to grow unnaturally bulbous when a bright, iridescent light broke through in rays from the creature’s grayish flesh. After a few moments of covering my ears from the screams of anguish, the creature exploded in a mess of dark smog dancing to dispersion against the impossibly bright light.

As the dark smoke that was left behind by the dhaceen receded and the radiant, almost blinding light, began to fade a figure emerged. She was tall, with high cheekbones and an upturned nose. Silver hair with a hint of lavender gently flowed just above her shoulders. 

I was so shocked that for a moment I said nothing, but it wasn’t long before I came to the conclusion of who she was. 

“You must be the Redeemer.” I beamed at the girl who had just saved our lives.

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