The Scraping

The Scraping

There it was again. The scraping noise I heard every night for the last six months, it was like clockwork. It woke me when the moon was high in the sky, her rays of moonlight kissing my cheek in comfort. I already knew what was waiting for me if I peeked under my bed, eyes. Nocturnal eyes, glowing in the darkness. Just enough moonlight to show gangly limbs, bones pushing against dark glistening skin. Long talons stretch from lengthy fingers, gently scraping against the dark wood wall. Its eyes, always locking with my own.

Then, I would wake up. Never remembering when I went back to sleep. It used to scare me when I first got here, but now I’m growing used to it. It has become a sort of constant, but a constant keeping me from sleep.

I resume my usual schedule, which included going to work and coming home. I’d only lived here for six months. I had yet to make any friends, so I spent most of my time alone. I moved here for this job, rented an older apartment, and was trying my hand at being an adult. But my thoughts throughout the day were plagued by this creature; I simply wanted a good night’s rest. I had to try something.

I decided tonight I would do something different. I would invite whatever it was onto my bed with me. Maybe, just maybe, it is looking for that comfort, like a lost animal simply wanting affection. If I gave it that comfort, it might leave me alone to sleep. I nestled under my covers, pulling them up to my chin. I closed my eyes and let the wave of exhaustion take me.


I flinched against the sound. I slowly opened my eyes. It felt as if my eyelids were aged, heavy doors struggling to separate. 

“Fuck it,” I mumbled to myself. I took a deep breath and clicked my tongue against the roof of my mouth.

The scraping stopped. I could feel my heart thumping against my chest, pounding in my ears. I took another deep breath.

“Come on!” I encouraged it, as I thumped the spot next to me with my hand.

It felt like time was slowed, and the fear mixed with anticipation was nearly debilitating. After what felt like a decade, I saw a bony hand-like paw reach up and around the edge of my mattress. The moonlight made its sharp talons glimmer like onyx. In a dark flash, it hopped on the edge of my bed, looking straight at me. I stared into its glowing eyes for a moment, but it was unnerving. I looked to my right and patted the open corner. I tried to keep my breath steady as it moved towards the spot next to me. The creature was lanky, muscles rippling under that glistening charcoal skin. It was difficult to make out detailed features in the dark, the creature avoided the moonlight, but its ears were pointed, and it had a stretched snout. The creature padded all around my other pillow, then curled up into itself. I glanced back as its shifting eyes finally disappeared. 

Maybe I was right! I thought to myself as my tension began to ease. I shifted my body to face the moon, closed my eyes against her light, and drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

My eyes shot open when I felt a sharp burning pain on the right side of my neck. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t move. The pain continued, like a hot needle slicing my skin open, moving agonizingly slowly towards my throat. I tried to scream, but no sound came. I knew what was doing this to me; I could practically see the onyx talon sliding across my flesh as blood poured from my wound. The metallic smell of my blood filled my nostrils and made me woozy, or maybe it was losing the blood that made me feel this way. My head was spinning, and my vision was fading. 

Was this what it felt like to die? 

Before I could finish my thought, I was awake again. Sunlight pouring through my window. My hand instinctively flew to my throat. I felt a small, inflamed scar. 

“Nope!” I said out loud as I jumped out of my bed. 

I grabbed my phone from the bedside table and marched into my small kitchen. I opened my phone and dialed my mom. After a few short rings, a familiar voice rang in my ear, easing my panic substantially. 

“Hello!” My mom said excitedly “It’s been a while huh, kiddo?” She chuckled.

“Mom…” I trailed off for a moment. 

“What is it, honey?” My mom’s voice shifted to concern.

I gathered myself and continued. “Mom, I’m coming home today.”

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