A Necromancer’s Love Story – Part 1

A Necromancer’s Love Story – Part 1

I had always dabbled in dark magic, always a curiosity within me. It was banned, of course, too many possibilities of absolute chaos. I hadn’t truly practiced until I met Ravyn. His dark curly hair, green eyes could pierce your soul. His smile was what hooked me though, plush lips that always stretched to the side like he was doing something he shouldn’t. I found later on that was usually the case.

We had fun, especially in the beginning. Stealing potions from class that made you see in rainbows, or that made you float a few feet off the ground. Ravyn was clever, he would secretly make extra potions after class and got away with it because all the teachers seemed to love him. We were inseparable from the moment we met, almost a year of pure bliss before he was taken from me. It was labeled as an accident, he and a fellow student were fooling around with spells they shouldn’t have been.

There was a spot we always went to together, hidden in the trees just off-campus. There was a large rock we would use as either a bench to sit on, or in the winter lean our heads against as we cuddled under a fur blanket, angled just perfectly at a break in the trees where the moon showed perfectly, shining her light onto us. Ravyn’s eyes would glimmer bright, long lashes curled up almost to touch his eyebrows, dark curls spilling onto his forehead as he would lean in to kiss me. Salty tears sting my eyes when I remember. I shake my head from the memory and focus on the task at hand.

I was cross-legged on the cold stone floor, in front of me papers were strewn about, smudged with messy black ink shaped into various incantations. I wiped the sweat from my brow and pushed my copper hair out of my face.

“You can do this,” I whispered aloud to encourage myself.

It was illegal, what I was doing, I couldn’t tell a soul. I spent a lot of time alone in my locked room, I knew it had been a while because my friends stopped bothering to see me. I didn’t much care, I had to focus. If I screwed this up, it could mean several things; I go to jail, get expelled, maybe even die, or all of the above. I sighed and checked my calendar, intricate golden moons engraved into smoky quartz, the moons shifted at my gaze, only three more days until the full moon. I could try then, or wait thirty days for the next full moon. But, his body was probably starting to deteriorate, even with the preservation spells. I made up my mind, I wanted him to be as close to himself as he was, this was the time.

Raising the dead wasn’t a walk in the park, it was a sort of mix of alchemy and dark magic, extremely tedious and dangerous. I didn’t care though, I would risk it all to bring Ravyn back to me. I knew deep in my heart, he would have done the same for me.

“Elenya,” my name always sounded so sweet rolling off his tongue “you’re my best friend, I’ll love you for the rest of my days.” I could practically hear his voice, feels his calloused hand against my cheek.

If only we had known the rest of his days weren’t long at all. I missed him, so much it hurt to breathe. That’s why I was so focused, I could barely sleep anyway, so I spent every waking moment studying and perfecting the spell.

For the next three days, I cross-checked every part of my spell countless times and made sure I had all the proper items fresh and ready. The hour approached, as I glanced out the window the sun was low to the ground, smearing the sky with deep purples and oranges. My stomach was in knots, I was sweating beads, and couldn’t recall when I last slept, but I was ready. I grabbed my large leather satchel and began to gently place each spell item into my bag, followed by the spell notes, and finally my wand. I let the wand linger in my hand for a moment, a deep brown wood intricately carved with various runes and shapes of leaves. It had been in my family for ages, free from the taint of dark magic, until tonight. I dropped the wand into my bag, tightened the straps closed, and hauled it over my shoulder. I took one last look around my room, especially the photos on my nightstand, a family photo with my brother and parents, and a photo of Ravyn and me in a loving embrace.

“You’ll be with me again soon,” I whispered as I turned and left.

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