A Necromancer’s Love Story – Part 2

A Necromancer’s Love Story – Part 2

I made my way to where Ravyn was buried. It was dark, and the moon was high, full in all her glory. My boots crunched the cold ground, and my breath escaped in clouds. My heart thudded in my chest, I could feel my blood rushing through me as a mixture of anxiousness and excitement took over. The light of the full moon warmed my face, as if in comfort that I would succeed. 

Ravyn was buried alongside his ancestors, such is customary, as were the preservation spells. I finally came to the spot where he was, a large and exquisitely decorated marble headstone that read “Here lies Ravyn, exceptional wizard and far more exceptional son.”  I reached my hand to touch the earth above his body and closed my eyes. With a simple transparency spell, I could see him, my eyes instantly leaked and the tears plopped softly into the earth, he looked peaceful as if he was only in a deep slumber, not dead. The preservation spell was still intact, he was untouched by the rotting of death, I hadn’t waited too long. I released the breath I was holding, and my lips trembled with grief, but at least he would look the same.

To begin I placed six red candles in the soil above Ravyn, each one equal space apart creating a pointed circle. I pulled out my wand and tapped the tip of the ancient wood with my palm, it ignited with an onyx flame, I brought it to my hand and sliced along my palm. I winced against the pain and watched as my blood was drawn slowly from the wound and absorbed into the tip of the wand, like ink to a quill, and the flame slowly transformed into a deep crimson. Using my wand I began to etch the various runes into the earth, just below its assigned candle. Once I completed all six they burst into flames in unison, and after a few breaths settled to a pulsing crimson. Next, I set out the fresh heart, a jar of sulfur, and blood of one he loved; mine of course. I hesitated a moment, this was dangerous. I knew that, and I knew no matter the outcome our lives would never be the same, but I couldn’t face a life without Ravyn in it. 

I inhaled the crisp air deeply, and on the exhale I confidently recited the words of the spell.

Anima quae perierat inveniatur et ligata in suum corpus redeat

Suddenly the ground shook, the candles began to topple over, and the earth began to crack. I quickly stood up and backed away, and watched as the soil caved into itself where Ravyn was buried. An intense rush of wind carried an ear-piercing screech that surrounded me, lifting my hair and causing my skin to erupt in goosebumps. Before I could cover my ears from the sound it flew away from me and dove into the hole in the earth.

A few agonizing moments later Ravyn’s body began to float above the ground, his limbs dangling lifelessly. My breath caught in my throat, and my palms were sweating uncontrollably as I watched what was unfolding before me. He lay floating there for a moment until a glowing red light erupted from his eyes, then his mouth stretched open to inhuman proportions as the blood-red glow grew ever brighter, it seemed to radiate from every orifice I could see. The wind whipped louder and grew into a symphony of screeches and rustling leaves until it came to a sudden halt. The silence made me feel uneasy, but I stood my ground.

“Ravyn?” I spoke gently

His head immediately cocked to face me, red glowing eyes locking with my own. It sent shivers down my spine, but maybe this is what was needed for him to come to.

Ravyn’s body slowly turned upright, and his feet softly made contact with the earth. The energy dissipated like a red mist leaving his body, and soon his green eyes were there again. I ran to him and threw my arms around his neck, pulling him close. He was warm, and his chest against mine felt like I was home again. I began to weep, and with tears in my eyes looked up at him. He slowly looked down at me and our eyes met. 

“Ravyn..” I whispered

“E… El…” he croaked, clearly it would take some time to get his voice back.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, “I’m here Ravyn, I’ll always be here.” More tears escaped my eyes, but finally, they weren’t from grief.

“Elenya!” A voice boomed, but it wasn’t Ravyn.

I quickly turned around my body in front of Ravyn in a protective stance. It was the headmaster of our school. His large brows were drawn together in a mix of fury and disappointment. 

“We had a suspicion you would attempt this, missing class, becoming a recluse, but I never thought…” he trailed off, his voice softening to concern.

“That I would succeed?” I responded proudly

“Elenya, you don’t fully understand what you have done, or the consequences that will follow. But we can help.” he continued as he waved his arms for the other professors here to show themselves. 

Many illuminated wands came into view as all of my professors came forward and fell into place beside the headmaster.

I began to panic, I didn’t care if I was in trouble, I couldn’t let them take Ravyn.

“I won’t let you hurt him,” I stated with an edge of poison in my voice, as I raised my wand ready for battle.

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