A Necromancer’s Love Story – Part 3

A Necromancer’s Love Story – Part 3

“Elenya…” the headmaster spoke with his hands up defensively. “…we don’t want to hurt you. We want to help you.”

“Liar!” my voice shook with anger. 

They had been watching me, keeping tabs on me? Why would they let me complete the spell then? To see if I could do it… 

…or to make me relive the agony of losing Ravyn again?

My thoughts began to spin the angrier I got. I could feel Ravyn shuffling behind me, I turned to face him and reassuringly placed my hand on his chest.

“It’s okay Ravyn, I won’t let them hurt you.” I looked up into his green eyes, soft dark eyelashes gently moving down as his eyes softened. 

A tear slid down my cheek, the salt stinging my flesh, but I paid no mind. The look of trust on Ravyn’s face brought me all the comfort I needed. 

I turned to face the headmaster, the blood rushing through my body like a flaming river.

“Just let us leave, and I won’t ever return to the academy,” I stated coldly, I would try to reason with them to keep anyone from getting hurt, but I knew I had to act quickly if something went awry. 

“You know I can’t do that, Elenya,” the headmaster spoke gently. “Simply let us fix your mistake and we will help you get your academic standings in order.”

“Academic standings? None of that matters!” I shouted

The headmaster dared a step closer, followed by another. 

“You are clouded my dear, by a young love that will not last, please don’t destroy your life over it.” 

“How dare you. I think, headmaster, that you are frightened of me.” I spat back at him

Another step closer. I couldn’t let him get any further, he was wise no doubt, and capable from a far distance.

He chuckled at me. “Afraid of you? Oh no…” He trailed off and took another step towards us.

Maybe he underestimated me, but no longer.

Fractura anima! I roared as I flung my arm outward, pointing my wand at the headmaster. 

The wand erupted with a deep violet pulse of energy, its glow burning brighter as it surged from my wand and hit the headmaster in the chest. His eyes grew wide with horror, his chest igniting with violet flames. He looked up at me for a brief moment, but his gaze made it feel like an eternity. His eyes felt as if they were piercing through my soul, filling my dread. His expression read fear, pain, and betrayal. His gaze was ripped away when his body contorted into itself until the violet glowing energy engulfed him, it gave one last pulse and dispersed into nothing. 

“Raising the dead wasn’t the only dark magic I practiced,” I hissed at the remaining professors. 

They all gazed at me in terror, jaws hanging open, and started backing away. I stood my ground, feet firmly planted in the dirt, my body in front of Ravyn. I didn’t dare tear my gaze away until long after they disappeared. 

“Let’s go,” I turned to Ravyn, grabbing his hand with my own. Instinctively our fingers locked, and I looked up at him with a smile. He met my eyes and pulled his lips to one side, and my chest swelled with happiness, with love.

I didn’t know where we were going, but I was with Ravyn, that was all that mattered.

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