Frost Springs

Snow drifted down, swirling in the cold wind. A never-ending blanket of white coated the mountain town, but the residents were never bothered by its presence. Jnae moved steadily along the path, her feet sure. Even if she wasn’t confident of her ability to navigate the icy terrain, she wouldn’t fear injuring herself with a fall. Jnae carried a basket […]

An Experiment in Poetry

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! Last week we shared a list of our favorite poems with you. This week we decided to write our own poems, especially for this post. We are both fairly new to writing poetry, so this is a bit of an experiment. We hope you enjoy it! Sometimes – Clever Sometimes I Forget that I  Have wings to […]

Best Poems for Fantasy Nerds

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! Today we decided to share some of our favorite poems that you may enjoy. These are poems that intrigued or resonated with us for one reason or another. We hope you enjoy this list! The Artist – Erik Rittenberry Possessed by some daemonic being higher than himself, there he is, …beautifying the lies that lead to the […]

The Painting

My whole life I had one goal; finish the painting. I slaved away for years at a mediocre job, making mediocre money. Nothing brought me joy, not like the way it felt to paint. Holding various brushes of intricate shapes and sizes, the weight between my fingers. The sound the horse hair bristles made as they stroked across a rough […]