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Best Poems for Fantasy Nerds

Best Poems for Fantasy Nerds

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Welcome, Fantasy Nerds!

Today we decided to share some of our favorite poems that you may enjoy. These are poems that intrigued or resonated with us for one reason or another. We hope you enjoy this list!

The Artist – Erik Rittenberry

Possessed by some daemonic being

higher than himself, there he is,

…beautifying the lies

that lead to the ultimate


“The Artist.” by Erik Rittenberry

What I love about this poem is the unique interpretation of what it’s like to be an artist. It makes it seem so mystical and otherworldly. I felt myself resonating with this description, and it made me feel very proud to be an author. You can read the full poem on Medium here.

In the Field Where Roses Died – Jillian Spiridon

onward — that’s where

we’ll search

for shreds and fragments

of peace,


“In the Field Where Roses Died.” by Jillian Sprdon

What struck me about this poem was the element of hope despite the destruction around them. It reminded me of a fantasy hero fighting on for a better world. This was a beautifully worded poem. You can read the poem on Medium here.

If You’re Anything Like Me – Taylor Swift

Darling, later on you will thank your stars
for that frightful day.

If you’re anything like me,
I’m sorry.

But Darling, it’s going to be okay.

“If You’re Anything Like Me.” by Taylor Swift

If you’re anything like me, this poem will relate to you. When I read this poem for the first time I almost cried, it resonated with me deeply, and I think anyone who reads it will feel the same way. Taylor Swift is a wordsmith not just lyrically, but with poetry as well!

Dreams – Jane A Beresford

To lose control of conscious mind
The secrets of our soul to find.

“Dreams.” by Jane A Beresford

I adore this poem, it confronts a sort of fear with sleeping and dreams. When I was younger I went through years of having nightmares every single time I fell asleep, mixed with bouts of visions and sounds that were horrifying. There is also the wonder of dreams, a place where things only the imagination can conjure happen; a fantasy world where I often derive ideas for my stories.

Phoenix – Amber Johnson AKA WTF

She rose from the ashes

From the fire which burned

Those whom on her back they turned

She wiped blood from her brow

Looking down in disgust

At the remains of those she used to trust

Countless times in the back she was stabbed

Though none were more painful than the last

Forgive and forget 

Not a chance in hell

She deserved more, so she took it herself

“Phoenix.” by Amber Johnson

This post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning WTF’s poem, “Phoenix.” I loved the imagery of the phoenix in this poem, rising not from her own ashes, but the ashes of her enemies. This poem was raw and powerful, and the last line packs a punch.

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