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Best Places to Travel for a Writing Retreat

Best Places to Travel for a Writing Retreat

Burgh Island, England

Photo by Red Zeppelin on Unsplash

Burgh Island inspired the setting for two of Agatha Christie’s novels, and she had a writing retreat built there where she wrote those novels. You can now stay in Agatha’s Beach House, and write your own mystery in the very place the famous author wrote! Burgh Island Hotel also has the smaller Artist’s Studio or suites named after two of Agatha’s most famous detectives. There are plenty of room options for your writing retreat needs, and they are even dog-friendly! This secluded island would serve as a relaxing place to write your next novel.

Key West and St. Augustine, Florida

Hemingway’s Studio

A trip to Florida might not be your first thought for a writing retreat, but Ernest Heminway thought it was a great state for writing novels. So much so, that he bought his own home in Key West. This home is now a tourist attraction but is still very inspirational to visit. Clever took a tour of the home and Hemingway’s writing studio during a trip to Key West. A visit there will definitely motivate you to write!

Another place in Florida that Hemingway liked to visit was St. Augustine, and we agree that it’s a great place for a writing retreat. In fact, we will be making a trip here during our upcoming retreat! St. Augustine is a gorgeous historic city, with an old-world feel that is perfect to put you in a writing mood. There is even a Bed & Breakfast in St. Augustine that is named after Hemingway and encourages you to write your own story there!

Dalhousie Castle, Scotland

Image by CaptainOates on Flickr

What better place for a writing retreat than staying in a gorgeous castle! Dalhousie Castle in Scotland lets guests spend the night in this historical castle that has seen many battles, and even hosted a King and Queen. The rooms here are fit for royalty with a beautiful view of the Scottish countryside. You can explore secret passageways, eat dinner in the dungeon, and have a whiskey tasting in the library, as well as take lessons in archery and falconry. If you are working on a fantasy novel, this would be the perfect place to write! 

Waikato, New Zealand

My first thought for a Fantasy Nerd writing retreat was New Zealand. New Zealand is endless in the gorgeous scenery; everywhere you look is like a setting in a Fantasy world. You can even stay in your own Hobbit hole! If you’re a Fantasy writer, it’s safe to assume you are a fan of Tolkien’s work, and being able to write in Middle Earth, what could be better than that! You can also go on many hikes to clear your mind and be refreshed by nature to get your writing juices flowing.

Folkeparken, Norway

Photo By Beatriz Miller on Unsplash

This makes the list because not only can you see the Northern Lights, but hike in a beautiful forest, or even find a small beach to lounge at! Folkeparken is the largest protected and public park in Norway, you can even rent adorable airbnbs nestled in the park, with a stunning view of the mountains. Perfect for a whimsical writing getaway!

What did you think of our list? Where would you go for your perfect writing retreat? Let us know in the comments below! If you enjoy our blog you can support us by buying a cup of coffee through our Ko-Fi button!

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