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Our DIY Writing Retreat

Our DIY Writing Retreat

Welcome, Writers!

If you saw our prior post, you know we decided to create our own writing retreat right here in sunny Florida. We found the DIY writing retreat idea from Rhonda Douglas and used it as a guide. As promised, we came back to show you how it went!

Day 1 – Art and Inspiration in St. Augustine

St. Augustine Streets
Casablanca Inn on the Bay
Ashley & Amber (AKA Clever & WTF) at the Tini Martini Bar
Connor (our brother and guest blogger) at Crucial Coffee

For our day of inspiration, we decided to visit the historic city of St. Augustine. We walked the Old Town streets and took in the scenery along the water. We had drinks at a historic hotel on the water and got coffee at a former blacksmith’s shop. What do you do to find some inspiration for your writing?

Day 2 – Antique Writing Prompt

Amber Wearing a Mysterious Mask
Connor Readying for a Duel
We loved this Fairy Art
Ashley’s New Typewriter

For day 2, we went to a local antique mall and found some interesting items to inspire a story. Ashley even ended up buying an old typewriter that we found. We included photos of the items we liked most, so you can choose one of these items to write about. You can even take your own trip to an antique/thrift store to try out this exercise. Let us know if you decide to write about any of the antiques we found!

Day 3 – Winter Park Café

Time to Write
Amber Can’t Wait to Read What’s Next
Rainbow Lavender Latte and Our Fairy Notebooks
This Door Looks Like it Leads to Adventure
Walking Along the Lake

For Day 3, we visited the charming city of Winter Park for some relaxing writing time. We found a cute café to write at with amazing lavender rainbow lattes! We also strolled outdoors to have some rejuvenating time in nature. What is your favorite place to write?

Final Day – Meditative Morning

Yoga in Front of the Sleeping Buddha
This Bell had a Beautiful Sound
A Great Quote

We thought it would be nice to close out our retreat with some mindful quiet time. We visited the nearby Buddhist Center to meditate and write. Overall, we think our writing retreat was a success and look forward to the next one. How did your DIY Writing Retreat go?

Thanks so much for reading!

-Clever & WTF

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