Court of Sorcerers – Epilogue

Court of Sorcerers – Epilogue

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! Did you think Court of Sorcerers was finished? Well, we have a surprise for you…an epilogue! We will get to that in a moment, but first we have an announcement.

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Now onto the story…


Elyscia gave Renout a lingering kiss before rolling out of bed. She brushed through her long hair and put on a simple comfortable dress. She kept a few things in Renout’s rooms now, no longer needing to keep their relationship a secret. 

“Don’t forget the meeting tonight”, Renout said.

“How could I forget your first meeting as head of the court magicians?”

“Or your first as one of us?” Renout beamed with pride. 

“An important day for us both,” she said, kissing him again. 

He reached to pull her back into the bed. 

“But I still have work to do first.” She smiled, evading his grasp.

As she walked along the path to her shop, she made a mental list of the items she would need to add to her pack. She would be visiting a woman she had helped to give birth the day before. The woman’s husband was a blacksmith, and he had made Renout a new set of alchemy tools as payment for his wife’s care. Elyscia couldn’t wait to present the gift to Renout in celebration of his promotion.

The astrologists were now the fading stars of the court magicians. The downfall of Alvius had left the King reluctant to trust their predictions. He had eventually decided that the alchemists were preferable, and Renout was promoted to Head Court Magician, and given lands and an income befitting his rank. 

The sun glinted off the ring on her left hand, catching her eye, and Elyscia smiled. Not only was she a court magician, but engaged, and this time to a man she had not needed to bewitch into loving her. 

What did you think of the epilogue? Was it a good way to wrap up the story? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks so much for reading!

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