Fae Rights – Part 2

Fae Rights – Part 2

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Elenya escorted me to the meeting since I had no idea where it was, but I was thankful for my ignorance this time. 

“Did you have a nice nap?” She smiled at me.

“It was lovely,” I replied, returning the smile.

I slept in a tree nook, nestled with leaves that magically regulated the perfect temperature. 

We flew through twisted branches and past a small garden where a few young fairies were gathering fuzzy fruits until we reached a platform high in the tree. It was a long and extravagant walkway illuminated by iridescent carvings that lead to a breathtaking structure. The structure looked as if Yggdrasil created it, thick jutting branches shot up into a pointed roof, the wood intricate and aged shaped into a large rectangular building. Two doors three times my size were propped open, and the sound of chattering voices floated to my ears. 

“Here we are!” Elenya sang, her voice softening my growing anxieties.

“It’s beautiful,” I said but let my voice trail. 

“What’s the matter?” She asked, clearly able to read me already.

My eyebrows drew together. “I am nervous, I’m new to this community and I’m not sure my concerns will be accepted.” 

“Oh, Ithil!” She grabbed my hand. “We are all open and receptive to any fairies’ thoughts, we’re not in Eryndylia anymore.” She smiled at me again, and my stomach fluttered. 

I held her soft hand for a few moments and let her presence wash away my fears. 

“Thank you.” I met her eyes with my own, and I felt my cheeks heat as I could see hers do the same. 

With that Elenya pulled me behind her through the gigantic doors.

In the center, there was a long table that could seat roughly thirty people, also covered with intricate carvings. Above was a chandelier with a glowing periwinkle orb illuminating the room. The stools were tree stumps with backs of curling branches. Elenya plopped down in one and motioned for me to sit to her left. We waited silently for all the gathered fairies to take a seat. 

As soon as everyone was seated, a male fairy with emerald hair stood up.

“Welcome, I understand we have a new fairy joining us today.” He smiled warmly in my direction. 

I smiled back and there was a moment of awkward silence until Elenya nudged me, realizing that was my cue to introduce myself I stood up. 

“Thank you for allowing me to be here, my name is Ithil and I found your home by chance after a long flight from Eryndylia.” I paused as I looked around the room making eye contact with every fairy present.

The fairy with emerald hair motioned for me to take my seat again, “You are most welcome here Ithil, as are all who Yggdrasil call.”

“Now,” he continued “To carry on our previous conversations about Eryndylia, as I am sure the reason Ithil left and was brought here, the continued abuse against females is disturbing. Our fight is with the upper circle of the Elders that let this travesty go on.” 

“Fight?” I spoke up without thinking it through.

“Certainly,” he replied. “Our discussion as of late has been to eradicate the Elders and bring peace to Eryndylia.”

He continued speaking about the plans of invading the castle where the Elders reside and slaughtering them. My thoughts were flooded with visions of their deaths, humming blades slicing easily through their throats as deep azure blood pooled and the light left their horror-filled eyes. The idea of them being gone, and the possibility of the wing removing ceasing brought a swell of hope to my chest, but at what cost? I was certain the net of control was cast further than the Elders. My visions of hope transformed into an all-out war, fairies slaughtering fairies, and countless lives being lost in the hope of change. 

I decided to speak up, to voice my opinion in a place where it most certainly would be heard. I waited for a pause in the conversation and stood up again. “I beg your pardon, but may I speak on this subject?”

“Of course,” A female fairy with deep crimson hair spoke and nodded at me, with a thoughtful look on her face.

I gulped down my momentary fear and continued. “We cannot change the past, only learn from it and look to the future. Violence will not solve our problems, and trying to change Eryndylia will end in needless bloodshed. They may somehow find Yggdrasil and retaliate against us. This community can grow to become a thriving sanctuary for all fairies who seek it. We should focus on what we have here, and what we have is a beautiful life of our own choosing. Just as it called to me, as it called to you all, it will bring those who are meant to live their lives freely here.” 

A hush fell over the fairies gathered. I dared a glance at Elenya and she was beaming at me, a look of pride on her face that made my stomach leap in happiness. 

“What of the females who have already had their wings stripped, and cannot make their way?” Asked another fairy with piercing yellow eyes and hair to match.

Elenya spoke up then, “I would volunteer, as I am sure others would,” Elenya continued as she squeezed my hand “To form a rescue force. We could fly in groups to Eryndylia and find those who were stripped of their lives and bring them here to start anew.”  

I nodded furiously, “I would also volunteer!” I said with growing enthusiasm.

“As would I!”

“And I!” Numerous fairies chimed in.

The fairy with the emerald hair seemed deep in thought and was clearly the leader, after a few moments of excited chatter he finally spoke up.

“Ithil, I now firmly believe you were called here for a reason, it seems we can all agree this is the path to follow.”

After the meeting, Elenya guided me to a small alcove with a waterfall and a moss-covered rock bench. We sat down together and listened to the sound of rushing water for a moment, taking in what had just occurred. 

“That was incredible,” Elenya broke the silence, “I am in awe of you Ithil.” She turned and locked my eyes with hers.

I grabbed her hands “Honestly, I was terrified, but you being there gave me the strength to speak up.” 

She smiled at me, then leaned towards me fluttering her eyelashes, our noses almost touching. 

“You may have just saved our world, and made me fall for you in one day.” She whispered sweetly, her breath smelled of the fuzzy fruits and my heart raced.

I closed the distance between us and met her lips with mine. 

After a week of preparations, we were finally setting off on our first rescue mission. Elenya and I, plus four other fairies were flying to Eryndylia. 

“How will we know the way back?” I asked Elenya.

She giggled and pulled something out of her pocket. She handed it to me, a small opalescent crystal, that glowed bright and hummed with energy that warmed my palm. 

“This crystal will guide us home, it will become dimmer the further away we get, and in return will glow brighter and the energy will become stronger as we draw near.”

“That’s incredible!” I exclaimed and beamed at Elenya.

“There is a cave full of them, I will show you when we return home.” She squeezed my hand and continued packing her things for the journey.

Home. It hadn’t set in yet, but this was my home now.

I finished packing and gulped down the growing anxiety of seeing my mom again, I knew when I arrived she would be filled with concern, and I had to have a difficult conversation with her. It was mere hours away that I would see her and my father again. I was excited to see them, I had missed them very much, but was fearful of how this would play out. At least I had Elenya with me, and I was thrilled for them to meet her.

The hours of flying went by in a flash, I kept glancing over at Elenya, her mint hair whipping across her beautiful face, and felt calm in her presence. We were closing in on Eryndylia now, and the group banked off into pairs and descended. Once we landed softly Elenya was quick to my side. She squeezed my hand again and looked at me thoughtfully.

“Are you ready?” She asked.

“I have to be.” I laughed nervously and squeezed her hand in return. “Thank you for being here with me.”

“Of course!” She giggled again and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. 

We approached my parent’s small home, and I knocked gently on the yellow door. It flew open extremely fast and my mom’s face appeared in the doorway. 

“Ithil!” She exclaimed, “Where have you been?!” She pulled me into a tight hug. “Your father and I have been worried sick!” She pulled back and looked me up and down to make sure I was real.

“Mom, I’ve missed you, and I’m okay. Better than okay!” I smiled at her, I had missed her more than I thought.

“This is Elenya, mom, my partner,” I said confidently.

“Elenya, you gorgeous thing give me a hug then!” My mom exclaimed and embraced her before Elenya could even speak.

“It is wonderful to meet you, ma’am,” Elenya giggled and my mom lit up looking at her. 

“Come in you two, your father is cooking and I’m sure you’re hungry, wherever in the world you’ve been.”

We entered the house and the delightful smell of food filled my nostrils. The man who raised me dropped his cooking utensils the moment he saw me and ran to give me a hug, picking me up and spinning me around the room. 

“I’ve missed you kiddo, and you had your mother worried. Who is this young lady?” His deep scratchy voice was music to my ears.

“This is Ithil’s partner, Elenya!” My mom said excitedly wiggling her eyebrows at my father.

“Nice to meet you Elenya, what a lovely name.” He pulled her into a hug as well.

“Thank you for having us,” Elenya beamed at them.

“I like her already kiddo.” My father said and elbowed me teasingly. “So where did you two meet?” He asked.

“Well, it’s a long story but I would love to explain everything.” 

My parents nodded at me as they plated dinner for all of us. Once we were all sitting and eating the delicious food I began to explain everything about Yggrasil, Elenya, and our struggles with the way Eryndylia was.

“So, I’ve decided to stay in Yggdrasil with Elenya, where we are free to be who we are.” 

My mother’s eyes were filled with tears, but she was smiling. 

“I understand honey, and I’m just glad you’re happy and standing up for what you believe in.” As she spoke my mom cupped my face in her hand. I felt a tear slide down my cheek, and the feeling of relief and love washed over me.

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