Best Jewelry for Fantasy Nerds

Best Jewelry for Fantasy Nerds

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! This week our post is about our favorite fantasy-inspired jewelry. We’re featuring jewelry based on specific fantasy books and movies, or just generally inspired by fantastical things or mythical creatures. We hope you enjoy our list!


Fairy on the Moon Necklace

WTF got this necklace as a gift for Clever, since it matched our logo so well. It is a gorgeous fairy necklace, but what is unique about it is the moon. With Moonglow jewelry, you can select a date of a special moment, and they will match the moon with how it looked on that exact date. This lets you create a sentimental item for yourself or someone you love. The moon in Clever’s necklace is the moon on the date we published our first post to this blog. 

Another amazing feature of Moonglow jewelry is that the moon actually glows in the dark! It absorbs light throughout the day, as you wear it, and this allows it to glow. We highly recommend this beautiful and unique Moonglow jewelry. What moment in your life would you want to have a moonglow of?

Alex & Ani

Game of Thrones, Fire & Blood Charm Bangle

Alex and Ani has some great bangles with fantasy-related charms. Clever’s husband walked by a store and saw the Harry Potter bracelet and had to go in. He came home and surprised her with not only that one, but a Targaryen one and an Elf one. The bangles are great because they are adjustable and you can stack them to wear multiple at a time. What would be your favorite fandom for the Alex and Ani bracelet?

Crystal Alchemist

Black Leather Bracer

We wanted to include something for the men on this list, so what better than some leather bracers! Not exactly jewelry, but still pretty awesome. Crystal Alchemist is WTF’s Etsy shop, and she has some amazing fantasy jewelry and cosplay accessories! Her dragon charm necklaces are great for both guys and ladies, especially since you can customize the color of your dragon. There is a large variety of customizable items in her shop, so I encourage you to check it out!

Golden Dragon Eye Charm

Pandora Charm Bracelets

Disney Belle’s Dress Princess Tiara Royal Carriage

The variety of Pandora charms is endless and allows you to have a piece of jewelry that is totally unique to you. You can continue to add to it anytime you come across a new fantasy fandom that you enjoy. From Disney Princesses to Star Wars to Harry Potter, they have it all. I loved being able to pick out charms to reflect all my favorite moments and the things that make me happy. What charms would (or did) you put on your Pandora bracelet?


Image From

I have always wanted to order from this site! They have countless options for fantasy related jewelry that is absolutely gorgeous! I am a huge fan of Sailor Moon, and they have a collection of intricate Sailor Moon themed jewelry that makes my jaw drop to the floor. Unfortunately it’s difficult to your hands on a Sailor Moon item as they sell out so quickly, but eventually I will get one! They are a little on the pricier side, but you can pay via four payments with zezzle, and the quality looks superb and well worth it. Check out this Spellcaster Pendant!

Image From


Dragonweave is an awesome webiste to find some unique fantasy jewelry. As I am sure you can tell from the name, they have tons of dragon themed jewelry! What Fantasy Nerd doesn’t like dragons? If you hover over the necklaces tab and click “Fairy and Fantasy” you can find some incredibly cool jewelry! One of my favorites is this pendant.

Image From

What Do You Think?

Do you have a favorite piece of fantasy-inspired jewelry, or maybe one you have always wanted? Which of the jewelry on this list would you like to wear? Let us know in the comments.

If you saw something you like, you can click any of the headings to shop that brand, or the link under the photos for that specific item. We are Amazon Affiliates, so we will earn a small commission from the Amazon links. Purchasing through our links is a great way to support our blog at no extra cost to you!

Thanks so much for reading!

-Clever & WTF

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