Fate – Part 2

Fate – Part 2

This is a continuation of Clever’s short story. If you haven’t read the beginning of “Fate”, click here.

I landed the griffin near the dock on Ironwing Isle. It had been a long flight, and I wanted to allow the griffin to rest and take a moment to compose myself. I had spotted the Premier’s Keep from the air, and led the griffin in that direction. All the buildings on the Isle were widely spaced, allowing for all manner of beasts. 

As we walked along the trampled paths, I received more than a few odd looks. Despite having a rare creature and a lariat, I did not wear the official attire of a Beast Master. Everyone else on Ironwing Isle wore the soft leather clothing that protected them from stray claws and beaks. Perhaps more importantly, the leather vests displayed patches of all the creatures they had tamed. The sight filled me with a bubbling rage. I should have three badges, with the capture of the griffin. 

Certainly as rare a beast as a griffin would sway the Premier this time.

When I reached the keep, I was made to wait outside a long time. I wasn’t surprised. I accepted it, because I knew this time would be different. A Beast Master with one badge on his vest showed me into the keep. I followed him to the second story, where we entered a cavernous meeting room.

The Premier sat on a low cushioned bench with a many-tailed fox spread across his lap. A large dog with three heads and a sharp tail curled at his feet, and on either side of the bench was a dragon – the one on the right had two heads. His vest was covered in patches.

A look of annoyance flashed across the Premier’s face when I was brought in, but then his eyes alighted on the griffin, widening. He reigned in his look of awe, before turning back to me.

“I’m beginning to feel insulted. Do you think the Beast Masters are incapable of taming their own creatures? Why else would you insist on bringing us these beasts, when you know you cannot be one of us?”

“I have tamed a rare griffin. Certainly, since few among you could tame this beast, it makes me worthy of the title Beast Master.” I couldn’t resist slipping in the insult.

The Premier stiffened. “No Perceiver,” he practically spat the word, “is worthy of being a Beast Master.”

“Fate seems to disagree.”

“Then you are clearly not worthy of being called a Perceiver either, since you mishear their whispers. Fate is not known for clarity and can easily be misinterpreted by those without much talent.”

I opened my mouth to respond, but the Premier cut me off.

“I thank you for bringing us a griffin for our ranks. It will be assigned to someone capable of training it.” With a gesture to the Beast Master who had walked me in, he continued. “Be sure to pay her on the way out.”

I stepped forward as another Beast Master looped his lariat around the griffin, but was stopped by a rumbling growl from the three-headed dog. The Premier flashed a cold grin at me. There was nothing I could do to stop them from taking another of my beasts.

What do you think of how the Premier acted? What do you think our main character will do next? Click here for Part 3!

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-Clever & WTF

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      Great story,the premier master of the beasts was not fair as are some people with power are not,but will wait and see what she trying to be something other then her gift,or can she have more then one gift

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