Monsters Are Here

Monsters Are Here

I gripped the inner flower of the honeysuckle with both hands, planting my feet on the soft petal. I began flapping my wings and pulling with all my strength until it came loose. The weight of it releasing from the flower shot me backward and to combat this I pushed my feet off the petal and did a backspin landing back safely. I slipped onto my back and felt the velvety cool petal against my skin. I smiled as I laid back and began to enjoy the fruits of my labor, the nectar was delectably sweet. 

This was my favorite field to relax, I would get my fill of the honeysuckle nectar and bring the stems back for basket weaving. It was peaceful and quiet, and the aroma was unmatched. I collected the sun through my skin and repeated the process of plucking from my chosen flower until I was full and had enough to make a basket or two. I was about finished and ready to fly home when suddenly the sky became dark as if night was falling, but it was still early afternoon. A sudden silence fell, and I felt the earth trembling. 

I glanced around in a panic as the trembling grew and the flower I was perched on began to shake violently. I lifted myself into the air to get a better vantage point just an enormous hand ascended from above. I darted backward and watched in horror as the hand grabbed the flower I was just enjoying along with a few of its neighbors, and pulled them roots and all from the ground. A dirt rain fell from above and I had to fly erratically to avoid the debris. Looking back I saw a giant. Its feet covered with a thick brown fabric were squishing much of the field, and the enormous hands were grasping at what remained and ripping them from the earth. 

I had heard of these giants before, these “humans” but had never laid eyes upon one. Stories of their destruction traveled far to our communities. In a few breaths, the field I knew and loved was destroyed. It took all my strength to hold back the stinging tears in my eyes, I had to get back home. I had to tell the others the monsters were here.

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