Whisper of the Arrows

My arrows speak to me They whisper Evil, evil, evil My vision darkens My pulse quickens My veins turn to ice I hear the guttural growl I feel the earth shake My arrows whisper Run My feet are stone My vision now gone My quiver quakes My arrows hum I feel them fly I hear them strike flesh An ear-piercing […]

Fantasy Books You Should Read Based on Your Hogwarts House

This week we thought it would be fun to suggest books to read for your Hogwarts house! Each book or series we chose symbolizes each house’s main qualities. We hope you enjoy our picks, and maybe you will find your new favorite! Ravenclaw Intelligent and eccentric, Ravenclaws will enjoy fantasy books that help them to learn. They would gravitate towards […]

Dragon Fire

“Incredible! How did you manage to get a bottle of Dragon Fire?” “It must have cost you a fortune.” “It’s quite alluring to look at.” Andrion’s guests gathered around a beautifully worked glass bottle that flickered in the dim light. Inside was a shifting, living flame of blues and yellows and reds. It gave off no heat. In fact, if […]

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day Fantasy Nerds! This holiday weekend we will be taking a break from our regular posts. Clever is visiting some of our family, and WTF will be working. What are your plans for this holiday weekend? Let us know in the comments below! Tune in next week for a short story from Clever! … Thank you so much […]