Whisper of the Arrows

Whisper of the Arrows

My arrows speak to me

They whisper Evil, evil, evil

My vision darkens

My pulse quickens

My veins turn to ice

I hear the guttural growl

I feel the earth shake

My arrows whisper Run

My feet are stone

My vision now gone

My quiver quakes

My arrows hum

I feel them fly

I hear them strike flesh

An ear-piercing wail

My skin crawls

My vision returns

My arrows are gone

So is the evil

My arrows saved me

But did I lose their whispers?

I’ve been inspired by poetry as of late. This is most certainly a free-verse poem and a writing style I am no expert on, but I enjoy the expression of poetry! What did you think of the poem? Do you enjoy poetry? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!


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