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Best of Halloween Horror Nights

Best of Halloween Horror Nights

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! It has become a family tradition for our siblings to go to Halloween Horror Nights together. It’s a night we look forward to every year. We thought we would share some of our favorites from this year in case you wanted to make a trip yourself, or were curious about what it’s like.

Haunted Houses

The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare

The Weekend house was so awesome! While waiting in line they were playing The Weekend songs like Tears For Another Day, Blinding Lights, etc while also playing the music videos on a giant screen. One part of the house had the mirrors like his super bowl half-time show, and at the end, there was a room full of roughly twenty Weekends in white suits with plastic surgery bandages, it was difficult to tell which ones were real people until they popped out at you. It was terrifying!

Spirits of the Coven

While not the scariest house, this one made our list solely for the theme. The house was a 1920’s speakeasy that was taken over by witches. It perfectly captured the speakeasy vibe, with a back-alley entrance and someone jumping out to ask you for the password. Once inside, things turned more sinister. The witches were casting spells and trying to poison you! Details like glowing runes and tarot cards filled the house. The element of the witches invoking their magic curses was what made this house stand out.

Universal Monsters: Legends Collide

This house was intriguing because each legend was battling throughout the house. The setting reflected different areas pertaining to each legend. At the end of the house, we saw Dracula holding a werewolf’s head indicating they won the battle, after we found out the “winner” at the end changes!

Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake

This house caught us by surprise and became one of our favorites. The setting was incredible, and it felt like walking through a story. It perfectly evoked a seaside town in the midst of a storm. The crashed boat and howling wind set the tone. The undead pirates and glowing spirits, that seemingly lured their boat to crash, made terrifying monsters. This house is definitely one to see!


Witches Spell Cauldron Stew

This witches’ stew was by far our favorite food item of the night. While our skeleton cornbread was unrecognizable, the sweetness of it paired perfectly. The taste of this stew was delicious. Having lived in New Mexico, the green chile stew brought back memories of our time there. Not to mention, you get a good portion at a decent price.

Turkey Leg

A giant turkey leg is a staple at theme parks and Renaissance Fairs alike! Tearing into that perfectly smoked meat was a delicious pick-me-up through our drunken horror-filled night. I think WTF ate most of it, but it was delicious!

Garlic Philly Cheese “Stake”

The black bread and “stake” throughout the sandwich were great Halloween touches for this meal. While the ratio of bread to meat could have been better, it was still a tasty meal. Plus, curly fries are great after you’ve been drinking and walking late into the night.

Pizza Fries

Our friend we have known for years that comes to Halloween Horror Nights with us every year gave these pizza fries five stars, so we had to include them! Fries and pizza! What could be a better mix?


Save Your Tears

This was The Weekend-themed drink for the night, and it did not disappoint. It reminded us of those peach gummies you can get at the candy store, a personal favorite. Plus the bursting boba was fun and yummy. If you like peach and aren’t afraid of a slightly sour drink, this is a great pick.

Electric Death

This was another delicious drink that you could get in the light-up souvenir cup. The Electric Death tasted a lot like a Blue Hawaiian. It was a refreshing pineapple drink, and we definitely went for seconds on this one.

Ghoul Juice

The Ghoul Juice is also pictured in the photos above with the Electric Death. The one we got this year was a little disappointing, as it tasted bland. However, we still included it because we remember enjoying it a lot last year. Maybe we just got a bad one this time around. This drink is a mix of fruity flavors, including mango, lime, and cherry. It might be worth giving a try if those flavors sound good to you.

Tinsel Town Terror

This drink wasn’t our favorite but the cherry taste was a nice touch. It was a little bland, but the alcohol taste wasn’t too strong and I think that’s something everyone likes!


We loved this beer. It was a sour IPA, but between all of us we got four throughout the night, the most of any drink! The sour taste was the most prevalent flavor, you could hardly tell it was a beer. Lastly, look at that holographic can!


Legend of the Mummy

This ride is a must every year we go to Halloween Horror Nights. Whether you enjoy the movie or not, it’s an incredibly fun ride. At one point the ride tricks you and then shoots you backward, it’s fast-paced and has interactive elements like screens with scenes, mummies that pop out at you, and fire. We highly recommend this one!

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Another must-ride every year for us. You can select your own song for the ride that plays in speakers in your seat, there is even a secret list that if you know the right code you can bring up songs that aren’t on the selection menu. Fast-paced, with high drops and twists this is a blast to ride!

Escape from Gringotts

Clever is a huge Harry Potter fan, so we were glad to see this ride open for part of the night. This is a fun, fast-paced coaster. It will make you feel like you are in the movie as you make your way through the incredible scenery filled with special effects. If you are a Harry Potter fan or just of great coasters, you should check it out.

Scare Zones

The scares zones this year weren’t as strong as they normally are. In the past years I felt on edge because almost every moment there was someone popping out at me, or chasing me with a chainsaw, but this year I rarely got scared walking through each zone. That being said, there were some cool mini-shows that were enjoyable to watch.

Mini-show in Conjure the Dark scare zone
This was a scare zone we honestly barely remember, but we liked the witchy set-up!

We hope you enjoyed our post. Have you gone to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights? Would you go? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading, and Happy Halloween!


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