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In Memory of the Best Dog

In Memory of the Best Dog

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds. This is Clever a.k.a. Ashley. We were supposed to have a story this week, but I wanted to have a special post in memory of my dog, Amy, who passed away on Tuesday. I wanted to share some memories of her with all of you, so you can get a glimpse of how special she was to us. Anyone who has a dog knows they are not just a pet, but a family member.

We adopted Amy when she was 11 weeks old. She was the cutest, sweetest dog. She was so small that we had to carry her down the stairs in our apartment every time she needed to go out. Her first toy was a little hedgehog that she loved to chew on.

Amy’s favorite thing to do was cuddle with her people. She was always there to take care of us, from snuggling on the couch after a long day, to cuddling in bed with my husband after chemo.

Another thing Amy loved was giving kisses. Sometimes it was hard to get her to quit, once she got started. Her kisses were guaranteed to make either of us smile.

Amy was a completely spoiled dog, which is why we often called her our Princess. She loved getting new toys and treats. Once we started getting her Bark Box, she assumed every package was for her. Not wanting to disappoint her, we pretended to pull a treat or toy out of every new package that arrived at the door.

Amy had a habit of taking things that didn’t belong to her. She didn’t destroy the items…she just wouldn’t give them back for awhile. One of the funniest items she snuck off with was a freeze pop that had fallen out of the freezer. She simply carried it away and eventually fell asleep atop the melted pop, which amazingly she did not puncture during the entire adventure.

Another amusing story is the time we put out sandbags before a hurricane, and Amy decided to guard them. She dutifully refused to let anyone near them, including us. She then wore herself out with all that protecting, and fell asleep on the presumably very comfy sandbags.

Here are a few more of Amy’s favorite things: her favorite chair, blankies, laying on the porch, and more blankies.

The one thing Amy didn’t like was when we said “B-y-e”. As you can see, it made her quite grumpy.

So I won’t say the “B” word now. I’m glad you are at peace now, and I’ll see you again one day, my sweet girl.

If you read this far, thank you for letting me share my memories with you. If you’ve lost your own furry family member, feel free to share your own memories in the comments.

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