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The Spookiest Stories for Halloween

The Spookiest Stories for Halloween

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! Since it’s Halloween weekend, we decided to do a round-up of our favorite scary stories for you to read. Some of these will be stories we have written, others are from guest writers we’ve featured on the blog, and some will be from outside writers whose work we enjoy. We hope you find a few stories to keep you up late into the night this Halloween.

Clever’s Creepy Stories

  • The Culling – A story of fear and survival; whether we stand aside and hope not to be the next victim, or band together to fight evil in our midst.
  • The Long-Forgotten – This is a story about our suspicions of others, in a land where the undead return once they are forgotten.
  • The Hex Signs – A gothic horror about how jealousy and power can change us.

WTF’s Terrifying Tales

  • The Scraping – What may happen when you make friends with the monster under your bed? Read this story to find out!
  • This is Why I Don’t Like Halloween – A tale of teen pranks gone wrong, and uncontrollable magic with a dark twist.
  • Dark Thoughts – This story is about your greatest fears taking on a life of their own.
  • Nothing – You may not believe otherworldly creatures exist in our reality, but you may be wrong.

Haunting Collaborations

  • Two Tales of Midnight Horrors (Red Eyes & The Cradle) – Red Eyes started out as a stand-alone horror story until Clever read it and suspected it might not be fiction. She then told her own tale, The Cradle, which took place in the same childhood bedroom that we shared as sisters.
  • The Council – A dark dystopian fantasy in a land ruled by a council of witches that ruthlessly destroy any dissenters.
  • The Enchantress’ Challenge – A bored and manipulative enchantress offers their heart’s desire to any hero who can complete a series of dark and dangerous challenges.

Horrors from Guest Bloggers

  • The Pizza Boy – Connor Johnson, our youngest brother, brings you this horror tale where pizza boys are disappearing on their deliveries.
  • Straw Man – Charlie Lowry shares this scary story about a spooky town and something that goes thump in the night.

Spooky Stories from Outsiders

  • The Ghost At Your Bedroom Door by Matthew Donnellon – This tense and terrifying flash fiction will haunt you as you try to sleep tonight.
  • By the Midnight Hour by Kate Campbell – A fresh take on classic horror, this creative tale will have you thinking twice about reading any more scary stories.
  • DNR by Lauren Salas – I was instantly drawn in by the clever premise of this story set in a world where magic allows the dead to be reanimated.
  • An Old Wish – by Ambrose Hall – The author of this short story was able to build a vivid, quite horrifying world, with a very clever ending that will haunt you after reading it.

We hope you enjoyed this Halloween post and found some new stories to haunt your thoughts in the late hours of the night. Do you have a favorite on our list? What are your favorite spooky stories? Let us know in the comments below!

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