In the Pages of a Book – Epilogue

The book was safe, but more importantly, Janette and Charles were safe. They had settled into their new life together, Charles was in remission, Janette by his side throughout the last year of treatment. They ran the bookstore together, continuing to lend the book’s magic to those who needed it. Roy was in prison for breaking and entering, and assault. […]

In the Pages of a Book – Chapter 5

This story is part of a collaborative series. You can start reading from the beginning here. Chapter 5 – Roy’s Story That damn book had ruined his life, and he would destroy it if it was the last thing he did. Something that book had said convinced his wife to leave him. And started the ripple effects that caused his life […]

In the Pages of a Book – Chapter 4 

If you haven’t read any of In the Pages of a Book yet, you can start here with Chapter 1! Trigger Warning: Topics of abuse Chapter 4 – Janette’s Story The man in the dark jacket was now hovering around the bookstore more boldly. The man was harassing the boy, Lucas, outside the shop. Janette had seen him many times, […]

Clever&WTF’s New Writer’s Contest!

Welcome, Writers! We have decided to host our second New Writer’s Contest, where you can win the title of “Clever&WTF’s Best New Writer of 2023”! The contest is open to all new writers, and preference will be given to previously unpublished authors (for purposes of this contest, posting to your own blog isn’t considered being published). We are leaving the […]