In the Pages of a Book – Epilogue

In the Pages of a Book – Epilogue

The book was safe, but more importantly, Janette and Charles were safe. They had settled into their new life together, Charles was in remission, Janette by his side throughout the last year of treatment. They ran the bookstore together, continuing to lend the book’s magic to those who needed it. Roy was in prison for breaking and entering, and assault. Out of their lives hopefully for good.

Charles approached Janette as she handed a distraught-looking woman the book, encouraging her to read it and assuring her everything would be okay. The woman nodded gratefully and exited the shop. Janette beamed at Charles.

“We’ve been able to help so many people with this book.” Janette sighed contently. 

“The book also brought us together, that’s another kind of magic it possesses, don’t you think?” Charles winked at Janette.

She let out a laugh “You know, maybe we ought to write a book about this book!” She chuckled again.

“Yes, maybe we should, and what would this book about a book be called?” Charles smirked playfully.

“Hmmm… In the Pages of a Book?” 

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