Best Simple Doodles for Fantasy Nerds

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! If you’ve been reading our blog for a bit, you know that we’ve been getting into bullet journaling and using it to help with our blog/writing. We’re always looking for new ways to decorate our journals, but neither of us is much of an artist. So we looked into learning some simple doodles and decided to share them with you. We think that these are perfect for Fantasy Nerds to try!


We all need some book doodles in our lives, and this Archer & Olive post had a great tutorial on how to draw multiple versions. These would be great to decorate a reading log in your journal.


We found this beautiful tutorial on drawing gems and jewels on Instagram. These would make gorgeous embellishments for any type of page. 

Potion Bottles

We saw this impressive Halloween movie tracker on Reddit and thought potion bottles would make a great simple doodle to try. As you can see, they are the perfect doodle to use for any type of tracker. 

Our Doodles

Clever’s Doodles

WTF’s Doodles

Here are our versions of the doodles, so you can see that they are simple to draw. You don’t have to have any artistic ability to make them look great! We even used some glow-in-the-dark highlighters to decorate them. We especially like how it made the potions glow.

What Do You Think?

Do you have other simple doodles we should try? Would you try out these doodles? If so, let us know how it goes in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading!

-Clever & WTF

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