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Writing Check-Up with Clever & WTF

Writing Check-Up with Clever & WTF

Greetings fellow Fantasy Nerds! As we’ve now passed the four-year mark on our blog and this year is flying by, we thought it was a good time for a writing check-up. Join us as we discuss our goals, achievements, and what the future looks like for Clever&WTF. Be sure to let us know in the comments what your goals are!


A huge goal for us in the coming months is to expand our platform. We would love to reach more people, and are looking into being active on more social media platforms, joining new writing platforms, and creating even more content for all the Fantasy Nerds across the world! We want to expand on an already amazing community and by doing this we can create a safe, exciting, and accepting place for those readers, writers, and enjoyers of all things Fantasy! 


We surpassed 200 blog posts earlier this year and have hit 100 email subscribers! We’ve also posted over 80 stories on Medium that received over 17,600 claps and over 650 followers. We’ve built a community of 65 members in our Facebook group and over 300 followers on Instagram. While we are extremely proud of these achievements, we want to take a moment and thank those who interact with us, follow us, and read our stories! We wouldn’t be this far without all of you. 


What will this look like in the future? Our website is our top priority, so we will continue to post weekly to! Look for us on new platforms like TikTok, Vocal, and more! Expanding does not mean limiting our current platforms, as we have both scheduled and planned extra time in our lives to commit to this expansion to ensure nothing we are already doing loses care and attention. In fact, in some places where we’ve been less present lately, we’re revamping to post more often and consistently!

Our weekly blog content will continue to remain free to all our loyal readers that have stuck with us on this journey, with the same option to leave a tip on Ko-Fi for the stories and posts that are meaningful to you. For the Fantasy Nerd superfans who want even more Clever & WTF, we’ll be offering more content that can be exclusively viewed on a paid platform! We’re still researching and planning this stage, so we’ll let you know when and where it goes live.

What About You?

Let’s celebrate together! What are your achievements so far this year? What are your goals? Whether they are personal or writing based, let us know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for reading!

-Clever & WTF

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