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Best Cookbooks for Fantasy Nerds

Best Cookbooks for Fantasy Nerds

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! This week we wanted to share some of our favorite cookbooks that feature recipes from fantasy fandoms we love. If you are a fantasy nerd who is interested in cooking or baking, these books are for you!

A Feast of Ice and Fire

A Feast of Ice and Fire is the official companion cookbook to the Game of Thrones series. It features delicious recipes from each of the Seven Kingdoms. Some of the recipes include: apple cakes from The Wall, Sansa’s favorite lemon cakes, and honey-sweetened wine from Across the Narrow Sea. Above each recipe, it tells you the region it is from and has a quote from one of the books featuring the food item. We love that you can see which of your favorite characters ate each of the foods.  

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

This magical cookbook has over 150 recipes based on the Harry Potter series. It has everything from common English foods to treats from the Hogwarts Express and Honeydukes. Some of the recipes include: mince pies, pumpkin pasties, and acid pops. It even features a recipe for the birthday cake that Hagrid made for Harry! There are quotes from the Harry Potter series about the foods, as well as a bit of history about the real-life recipes.

Recipes from the World of Tolkien

What about Second Breakfast? Look no further, this cookbook has everything you need to whip up recipes for every meal time in Middle-Earth! If you’ve ever wondered what exactly Dwarves, Elves, and Hobbits eat, this is the cookbook you need. If you’re planning a Lord of the Rings-themed party, this is perfect to give you the ideas you need to create themed meals. This cookbook is also full of gorgeous art depicting the many lands in Middle-Earth, as well as excerpts from the books!

World of Warcraft Cookbook

Experience a taste of Azeroth with this cookbook! As a long-time player of World of Warcraft I of course have this cookbook. It was a Christmas gift from Clever and I’s older brother, and I have already tried a few of the recipes. A favorite I always go back to, to the point the cookbook automatically opens to it, is the Goblin Shortbread! The recipes are rated based on your cooking skill just like in the game, so you can cook basic recipes to a master level. This cookbook also features art from the game!

Heroes’ Feast Dungeons and Dragons Cookbook

Imagine you’re starting your new campaign, dice ready, your DM is describing the atmosphere of the tavern, and the perfect addition of Drow Mushroom Steaks is steaming next to you ready to eat. This cookbook is full of incredibly detailed Dungeons and Dragons art, themed drinks, appetizers, and full meals! If you play Dungeons and Dragons this is the perfect cookbook for you and your group, almost as important as the Player’s Handbook!

What Do You Think?

Are you excited to try any of these cookbooks? Do you have another fantasy-themed cookbook you would recommend? Let us know in the comments below! If you are interested in any of the books, click here to view our list on and support local bookstores! As an affiliate, we do earn if you make any purchases.

Thanks so much for reading!

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