The earth below

The earth above

Don’t know where I’m going

Or which way is up

Do you ever feel lost?

Like a ship on the sea

No land in sight

No reprieve 

I’m hungry

I’m thirsty

Nothing satisfies

I live each day not feeling alive

How can it be this way

A hollow feeling every day

I know I am lost

Will I ever be found?

I look in the mirror 

Day after day

I start feeling again

Like I am okay

The face looking back

Is one I’ve grown to love

If I was a small girl

She would be the one 

I’d go to her with my tears

My hopes and my fears

The face that I see

Would have been there for me

This week I decided to write a poem! What do you think? Do you enjoy reading or writing poetry? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!


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