The Witches Curse

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There once lived three sisters, all of whom were witches. They were known as the Dawn Witch, the Dusk Witch, and the Witch of Darkest Night. The Dawn Witch was the youngest and sweetest of the three sisters, and she did something neither of the other witches would dare to do…she fell in love. 

He was a dashing pirate who sailed the seas and looked to the dawn sky each morning. When he came upon the Dawn Witch one morning, he was entranced by her glowing complexion and hair the color of a sunrise. She sailed with him for a time, using her powerful magic to aid his travels. Eventually, she began to miss her sisters, for their magic complimented each other’s and they all felt a missing piece when apart. 

The pirate returned to her home with her, but after a short time of living on land, he missed the call of the sea. Even the beauty and light of the Dawn Witch were not enough to tie him to land. Thus the pirate returned to the sea.

For a time he longed for the Dawn Witch each morning when he saw the rising sun. But like all such heartbreaks, this one faded with time. One day, he met another woman who was gentle and kind and found he loved her even more than the Dawn Witch. This woman loved the sea also and was willing to make a life with him amongst the waves. 

When the Dawn Witch heard of his marriage, she was filled with sorrow. For she had never stopped pinning for the pirate who could never be hers. When her sisters saw her heartbreak, they were filled with fury. The three witches then banded together to curse the pirate. They bound him to his house on land; dawn, dusk, and darkest night. 

Sylvie still longed for the sea, to feel the wind in her hair and the salt spray of the sea tingle her skin. But, she loved her husband even more. After those Witches had cursed him to be bound to their home she had to fetch the necessities. Sylvie didn’t mind this though, she was able to dip her feet in the sea, and fish for their meals. She could enjoy the salt air, and let the ocean wash away her sorrow, even if it was temporary. 

Sylvie returned home after a few short hours at the shore, she had caught four fish and purchased some shallots and seasonings at the market. She pushed through the wooden door of their humble cottage home, and what she saw made her drop everything and let out an agonizing wail, echoing like a banshee in the night. Her husband’s body was slumped in the corner of the living room, blood seeped from a dagger wound in his chest, soaking the floor. 

Sylvie ran to his body to check for any sign of life, but it was too late. His eyes were colorless and glossed over, the once-blue depths had turned hollow. She blinked as hot tears streamed down her face, her chest felt like her heart had been ripped out. She moved so she was leaning against the wall next to her dead husband and began to sing hauntingly:

Your love for the sea was greater than your love for me

The Witches they cursed you, and in turn cursed us

I long for the sea, the sails and the salt

But I longed for you more, wouldn’t give up

But you took your life and now I am lost

Return to the sea I shall go, for it is all I know

Besides your love, but you’ve taken that from me

The ships and the sea well maybe it’s not meant for me

The Witches struck first, in return I’ll deal the final blow

Her angelic voice trailed off as anger began to rise in place of sorrow. “Those evil witches!” she shouted “I will find them, and destroy them for what they have done!”

“Sylvie?” A soft and shaky voice spoke.

She whipped her head around towards the direction of the voice. Her jaw almost hit the floor when she saw her husband. He was floating, and glowing eerily green. 

“Filian?” She answered gently as she started to rise from her sitting position. 

“I… I’m sorry” Filian said sadly “I just… this curse, I feel trapped, I long to sail! I love you, Sylvie, so much, I didn’t want to keep you from your love of life on the sea either…” He trailed off again, looking out in the direction of the ocean as if he could see through the walls of their home. 

“My love, I understand, truly I do. I’m glad you are here, in whatever form.” She reached for this hand, she could feel the impact but it was cold, so cold. “Maybe there is one good thing from this curse, you are still with me even after death.” She attempted a smile, Filian scanned her face, his own softened for a moment then twisted in pain.

Filian’s eyes burned bright, the ghostly glow giving more power to him as seemed to grow larger “I would never have resorted to this if it wasn’t for this curse! I will take vengeance on these witches Sylive, and free myself of this! You are deserving of a life you love, a life at sea.”

With that Filian dropped Syvlie’s hand and disappeared.

Filian had only been to the Witch’s dwelling once during the time he was with the Dawn Witch. He closed his eyes and pictured the sloping hills and three lavish homes as best he could recall. The Dawn Witch’s was the one he could picture the clearest, so he focused on its image with all his power until he felt his “body” reconstruct in front of the dwelling. 

“I KNOW YOU ARE HERE!” his voice boomed and shook the earth around him.

Soon maniacal cackling filled the air. 

Hair the color of the sunrise came into view complete with porcelain skin free of any imperfections.

“Why are you here?” the Dawn Witch spoke with an edge of poison. 

“You! You and your vile sisters cursed me, and look what has become of me!” Filian retorted with anger.

“You have done this to yourself!” The Dawn Witch snickered, but a hint of pain flashed in her eyes after taking in Filian’s ghostly appearance.

“Why? Why couldn’t you just let me live a life of peace?” Filian spat at her, clear there were no emotions for her left in his soul.

“I…” The Dawn Witch trailed off for a moment. “I was hurt.” She said plainly.

“This isn’t a game! Toying with human’s lives, it has consequences!” Filian was beginning to lose control. He grew larger, and his eyes leaked with illuminated green smoke. “My wife, my wife had nothing to do with any of this!” He pushed his arms out and an explosion of energy lit up anything within a close distance. 

The Dawn Witch looked startled, she had clearly not anticipated that Filian would have any ounce of power, even as a ghost. She regained her footing and responded.

“Your wife is lost now, you should have stayed with her.” Her lips stretched into a piercing grin.


“Yes, while you were distracted by your vengeance, we could sense your death. My sisters are with her now.” Her grin stretched even wider, her sharpest teeth exposed.

Filian did not know what his wife’s fate was, but he knew the Dawn Witch just made a fatal mistake, the Witch should not have revealed this information. His only chance to take out the Dawn Witch was now, while her sisters were gone. Filian closed his eyes and focused all his energy on the palm of his hands. Quickly a sphere of crackling green appeared in his palms. With zero hesitation he pushed it at the Dawn Witch. He saw her mouth open in surprise as it struck her, and she dissipated into nothing but ash.

Filian could imagine his home perfectly like it was the clearest image in all of his memories. Soon he was there. The other two Witches were gone, surely they had felt the annihilation of their sister. 

“Sylive?” he first said gently, then his voice grew louder as his fear grew, “SYLVIE, WHERE ARE YOU?!”

All he saw that was different in their home was a shining red apple on their kitchen table, he may have imagined it, but it looked as if it had shed a single tear.

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