Best Things for Fantasy Nerds
Best Stickers and Stationary for Fantasy Nerds

Best Stickers and Stationary for Fantasy Nerds

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! This week we are covering something you can’t get enough of…stickers! We are both obsessed with collecting unique stickers and using them in our bullet journals or sticking them anywhere we can think of. Read on to find out our favorite shops to find stickers and stationery. 

Odd Loop

Odd Loop’s stickers stand out to me for their incredible artwork. My favorites are the stamp washi tape. This shop was the first place I saw this type of washi tape. I especially love all the fandoms that Odd Loop recreates for their stickers and washi. I have gotten some awesome stickers of Harry Potter, LOTR, Pokemon, Studio Ghibli, Animal Crossing, Disney and more. I highly recommend you check them out if you are obsessed with any fantasy fandoms!

Hubman & Chubgirl

What we love about Hubman & Chubgirl is the adorable chibi design of these hand-drawn stickers. Clever’s favorite set is Magic Castle, shown in the photo above, which is perfect for fantasy fans. 

Some other sets we love are Wizarding World, Summer Mermaids, Pokemon, and Rainbow Unicorns. Once the first order arrived, we were impressed by the quality of the thick waterproof vinyl stickers from this small business. If you are a fan of cute animals and chibi-style stickers, you will love Hubman & Chubgirl.

Happy Little Threads

Once my husband showed me their magnetic bookmarks on TikTok, I had to check out the Etsy store. I ended up finding some amazing fantasy and bookish vinyl stickers in addition to the bookmarks. The beauty and creativity of the designs set them apart for me. They are even more beautiful once they arrive, as they have a metallic shimmer that the photos don’t do justice. I got some as a gift for WTF as well, and she loved our matching Fantasy Readers Book Club stickers! 

As a bonus, the shop owner was super friendly and shipped the items quickly and nicely packaged. It reminded me why I love to shop with small businesses. If you are looking for some original vinyl stickers that will stand out and express your individuality as a fantasy nerd, this store is the place to go!


Pipsticks have stickers for anything you can think of! From fantasy stickers and cute Halloween stickers to skiing stickers! They have it all! They’re excellent quality, and we have both accumulated many of them that we use with our bullet journals. Clever got me this amazing Halloween Advent Sticker calendar that had some of my favorite stickers of all time! Including cute little spell books and cauldrons.

Archer & Olive

Speaking of bullet journals, I know we’ve discussed Archer & Olive before, but they also have some great stickers! Theirs revolve more around specific use with your bullet journal, like stickers that have lines and space for handwritten notes! Stickers for reminders, events, and weekdays. They have super cute themed ones like fairytales, mystical animals, and Mermaids! We love their stationary products as well like their washi tapes, metal stencils, pens, and more!

Here is a photo of Clever’s favorite of the Archer & Olive subscription boxes: Vintage Library. These boxes typically come with journals, stickers, pens and a ton of other creativity supplies. We love seeing the themes they come up with for each box and being surprised by the high-quality contents. 

What Do You Think? 

Did you find any new stickers to check out? Are there any stickers or stationery shops that you love that weren’t on this list? Let us know in the comments! We’ve included the links to each of the shops in the headers if you want to check them out. We don’t earn any income if you purchase from these shops; we just think they are great!

Thanks so much for reading!

-Clever & WTF

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