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Best Christmas Ornaments for Fantasy Nerds

Best Christmas Ornaments for Fantasy Nerds

Greetings Fantasy Nerds and Happy Holidays! This week we wanted to share with you our favorite Christmas ornaments for Fantasy Nerds. We hope you enjoy this festive post and share with us your favorite ornaments in the comments below!

This Harry Potter ornament includes the classic book art and my favorite part is the wand between the pages of the top book! 

You can never have too many Harry Potter ornaments, especially this Honeydukes one that has intricate detailing inside the windows. Of course, the Hogwarts houses have to be included!

Belle with her books, you can practically hear her singing with how this ornament is crafted! The flowing skirts, her arm movement and hand outstretched. This is probably one of Clever’s favorite ornaments, especially with all the books!

Beauty and the Beast is a classic tale of fantasy, love, and the love of books! We had to include this ornament as well, my favorite part is the beautiful rose in the glass casing. As a bonus, it plays the song “Beauty and the Beast”!

The Polar Express is a staple for Christmas movies. I think everyone has seen this movie nestled under covers with a pipping hot mug of hot chocolate. The bell with the tiny ticket is so cute! One thing fantasy nerds have in common is a fascination with magic, and the belief in magic is a common theme in this movie. Can you still hear the bell ring?

This intricate fairy wooden ornament is perfect for any Fantasy Nerd, and St. Augustine is a special place for Clever and WTF! We encourage you to find a wooden ornament at a special destination you visit, so you can revisit the memories each year as you decorate the tree!

The detailing in this wooden ornament is gorgeous! This perfectly captures the beauty of mermaids with underwater wildlife.

If you’re a Doctor Who fan this ornament is perfect for you! Complete with a Santa hat to bring out the holidays. It will even play the sound the Tardis makes!

This was a gift from our Grandparents, and no Christmas is complete without a nod to Nightmare Before Christmas! Zero is one of my favorite characters and I adore this ornament.

What Do You Think?

Which of these ornaments would you love to have on your tree? What are your favorite Christmas ornaments that we didn’t share? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading!

-Clever & WTF

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