Best Things for Fantasy Nerds
Best Places to Stay for Fantasy Nerds

Best Places to Stay for Fantasy Nerds

Earth and Sky Dwellings

We’ve wanted to stay at these Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings-themed AirBnBs for a while now, and once you see them you’ll understand! Earth and Sky Dwellings has two Harry Potter dwellings, Wizard’s Hollow and Alchemy, and one LOTR hut, Dragon’s Knoll. Located in the mountains of North Carolina, they are a relaxing getaway.

Wizard’s Hollow

Wizard’s Hollow looks like a miniature Hogwarts from the outside, and it is beautiful! Could you imagine walking across the wooden bridge and through the doors of this place?

The inside of Wizard’s Hollow features so many small details to make your wizard experience feel real! Some of the details include vials of oils and spices in the kitchen, wizard trunks throughout the home, Harry’s glasses by the TV, and even a secret room behind a bookshelf that leads to one of the bedrooms.

This bedroom is themed around Ravenclaw colors, while another Gryffindor bedroom is upstairs. Which would you choose to sleep in?


When you first approach Alchemy, it looks like a tent at the Quidditch World Cup. You then go down a twisting slide to reach your accommodations! 

The inside is covered in rugs and hanging fabric to resemble a tent that’s bigger on the inside. You can even spot your wizarding house robes hanging on the wall.

Alchemy also features a relaxing tent hangout that overlooks a fire pit. It’s a perfect way to spend a getaway!

Dragon’s Knoll 

The round door with the growing foliage around and top of the house is a very Hobbit-like feel! It’s as if you’re staying in the Shire for a time, just bring your pipe! 

With a warm fireplace with cozy chairs and sunlight beaming through the large windows, the perfect place to cozy up for second breakfast!

The details of this knoll might be the best part with Tolkien quotes and art, wooden furniture twigs, and twine!

Ancient Lore Village

Ancient Lore village is not just a room to stay in, it’s a completely immersive fantasy experience. There are many different fantasy-themed rooms, from Fairy Cottage to Gemlin Dens. Below are some photos of the different places you can stay at the foot of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. 

Fairy Cottage

Bokee’s Bungalow

Gremlin Dens

Leprechaun Lair

In addition to choosing from an array of fantasy creature-themed suites, you can participate in various fantasy activities to complete the experience. There are archery and axe-throwing classes, hiking trails and scavenger hunts in the Fairy Meadowlands, and a Gremlin Gameyard. There are even special events like a weekly D&D night and a monthly fantasy book club dinner. 

One interesting fact about Ancient Lore Village is that the owner has written a book about the lore surrounding the village, telling you about the creatures who live there. You can get this book, along with many other fantasy souvenirs, at their gift shop. This one is a gift from our mom, who lives in TN and has stayed at the village. A trip to Ancient Lore Village has long been on our bucket list. 

Dalhousie Castle, Scotland

What better place for a fantasy nerd to stay than in a gorgeous castle?! Dalhousie Castle in Scotland lets guests spend the night in this historic castle that has seen many battles and even hosted a King and Queen. The rooms here are fit for royalty with a beautiful view of the Scottish countryside. You can explore secret passageways, eat dinner in the dungeon, have a whiskey tasting in the library, and take lessons in archery and falconry. If you are a fan of history or medieval fantasy, you will enjoy a stay at Dalhousie Castle!

Spectacular Spyglass Treehouse

This Airbnb is a cozy treehouse nestled in the woods, perfect for any woodland Fantasy Nerds! Privacy, comfort, and the outdoors mixed into one! With the round shape, it reminds me of a Hobbit hole.

There is an easily accessible hot tub right on the patio! This makes this Airbnb the perfect relaxing place to escape for Fantasy Nerds!

Highlands Castle

This Castle might be a little more accessible for those in the United States. Highlands Castle is in New York and has a few different options for you to stay in! Below are some of the options, whether you prefer the castle, a cottage, or the gatehouse! Which one would you stay in?

The Castle Cottage

This view is breathtaking!

The gorgeous soft pink interior is perfect for when you want to feel like a Princess in a far off kingdom!

Highlands Castle

The stained glass windows and winding staircase are gorgeous, we had to include this photo!

This interior is full of royalty, complete with knights to guard you! The beautiful view from the gigantic windows is astounding. 

The Castle Gatehouse

The architecture of this gatehouse is incredible, we love the mix of stone! If you want to host a big event here this is perfect for multiple people but also to have your own space!

Which of these would you want to stay at most? Do you have a fantasy-themed place you’ve stayed at? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!


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