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Inspirational Journal for Writers

Inspirational Journal for Writers

Welcome, Writers! We found this great idea for a positivity journal and thought it would be a helpful idea for writers. We took the ideas provided and tweaked them a bit to make them specific to writers. We thought it would be fun to share the ideas with you, in case you needed some inspiration. Read on to see how we created our own inspirational writer’s journal!


The first thing we recommend is to pick a journal to designate as your inspirational writer’s journal. Clever picked this 7x7inch dot grid journal because it has pages large enough for decorating and a soft flexible cover that makes this project easier. Not to mention the sparkly cover design is beautiful and sparks creativity. 

WTF picked a 9.5×8.5 inch spiral journal with a wired spiral spine for ease of flipping pages and decorating. The design is that of one of WTF’s favorite video games and is super kawaii to bring immediate joy when you grab it! Having a journal you love makes it even more fun to use! 

Next, you will want to gather some items to decorate your journals. These can be stickers, washi tape, magazine cut-outs, photos, or anything else that inspires you! You can see a few of our choices in the photos. You will also want to have some pens, especially colored ones, scissors, and glue or tape. 

Finally, you will want to compile a collection of quotes that inspire and motivate you. You can look up quotes on writing, quotes from your favorite authors, or even song lyrics. We have a post on Inspirational Quotes for Writers if you need a place to start!


Once you have your quotes and a selection of decorations, we suggest you take a moment to plan how you want your journal to look. Try organizing your quotes and decorations by a theme or topic. You could dedicate pages to specific authors or book series that you love, you could have a page for when you feel writer’s block, ones for good comments or reviews you’ve gotten, or images related to the genre(s) you write in or a specific book you are working on. You could even divide the journal into sections, like a writing advice section, and then divide that section into spreads for specific advice topics. The possibilities are endless!

Clever decided to dedicate a section for books that have inspired her. Here is a photo of a couple of those pages. You can use stickers or images of the books, and write out why you love the books and include your favorite quotes. Be sure to leave plenty of room in this section to have pages for all your favorite books and new ones that inspire you. 

Another section we chose was one for writing advice. Here is Clever’s first page in this section. She used some magazine cutouts and a few stickers to create these spots that can be filled in with writing quotes. This is another section that you can build on as you find new quotes. 

Create Your First Pages

Time to get creative! Once you’ve gathered your supplies and are ready to create your pages, grab a glass of wine and put on your favorite music or podcast and put your plans to the pages! WTF did a brain dump page for any scattered ideas or thoughts, they’re important, in fact many of our stories originated from one random thought, so it’s important to give them a home. 

Next is an inspiration page! Complete with favored quotes, personal reasons why I write, and reminders of how far I’ve come. The silver and pastels match the theme of the stickers and notebook, and all around these pages make me feel so happy, that’s why it’s important to personalize your pages! 

Growing Your Journal

Now that you’ve started your journal, you should continue to save new quotes/reviews/inspiration to add to it in the future. Remember to leave extra blank pages in each section of your journal so you can continue to add to it as you grow as a writer. I started with a brain dump page for my chaotic ideas and thoughts, then an inspirational page for me to always reference, especially in the times when you’re feeling doubt or negative emotions. Sections on things like your favorite books or writing advice can continuously be added to as you find new inspiration. Start with whatever feels right to you! You can always reference back to the pages to see how much you’ve grown and to inspire yourself! ✨️ 

Do you journal? Are you going to give this a try? Let us know in the comments below! 

Thank you so much for reading!

-Clever & WTF

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