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Nostalgic Games for Fantasy Nerds – Neopets

Nostalgic Games for Fantasy Nerds – Neopets

Greetings Fantasy Nerds! This week we want to bring on the nostalgia and dive back into the world of Neopia! Neopets the classic browser game of the early 2000s just had its 25th anniversary, and we’re here to celebrate!

Neopets Grey Fairy

I think we all at some point were immersed in the world of Neopets! If you’re around our age you may recall the plushies you could buy at Limited Too, the Neopets magazine subscription, the trading card game, and even The Darkest Faerie that was released on the Playstation 2! Neopets was released in 1999 and has been around for twenty-five years now!

New Online Game Content

Primarily an internet browser game, which is now compatible with mobile, you can still play to this day and visit your old stomping grounds like the Haunted Woods, Faerieland, Meridell, and more! This beloved classic game full of faeries, mythical creatures you can get as pets, petpets or even petpetpets is making a resurgence. A new plot on Neopets called The Void Within has just started, so it may be a great time to get back into the game if you were ever thinking of doing so. 

The Void Within Plot

In this new plot, the grey curse starts spreading through shopkeepers and other notable figures around Neopia, culminating in the entirety of Meridell turning grey in the middle of the night. A rift has also opened up in the sky of Neopia, and void essence is found seeping through into the land. A council of heroes is called, and you are tasked with helping Dr. Landelbrot by collecting fragments of void essence for him to study, in hopes of figuring out how to stop the spreading curse. So far, it has been a fun and interesting plot, and there are some great rewards! The plot is only in chapter 1, so there is plenty of time to catch up if you join now.

Faerie Festival Event

Our favorite resent plot was the Faerie Festival! Plots are always fun because they’re so immersive with the community and you get a dive into an amazing storyline; oh how the lore thickens! I love reading the lore and thinking of what I would write to add to it. For participating in events, you can collect rare items, get petpets and paintbrushes, gain achievements, and more!

There are tons of dailies to do every day along with the new plot and events, as well as endless extras you can get into like customizing your pets and tons of mini-games. There is no end to all of the things you can do on Neopets! If you want to get back into it, we recommend following the JellyNeo dailies guide! JellyNeo is a great database for all things Neopets you can utilize, including full plot coverage on The Void Within.

Pro tip – there is now a daily called Trudy’s Surprise, if you do this daily by the end of twenty-five days you’ll gather over 200,000 Neopoints! This is a great head start if you’re just getting started or jumping back in, see you in Neopia!

Our Neopets Favorites


WTF’s favorite character in Neopets is Jhudora! In fact she used to print out all the artwork of the dark faerie and put it on her wall. You can acquire quests from Jhudora in her bluff. You can also check out WTF’s Jhudora gallery!

Queen Fyora (center) Amongst Other Faeries

Clever has always been a fan of all the Faeries, especially the beautiful and kind Queen Fyora. Clever built a Neohome in Faerieland and tried to collect all the faerie furniture she could afford (back when Neohomes were still around). With her new account, she is beginning another Faerie collection.

Clever’s favorite Neopet as a child was the Mynci, as monkeys are her favorite animal. She also loves the Shoyru, since it is a tiny dragon! WTF’s favorite Neopet is the Hissi and her favorite Petpet is the Meowclops, which you will see below in the photo of her plushies. What are your favorite Neopets and Petpets?

Neopets Merch

WTF’s Neopets Merch

WTF has a collection of about ten Neopets plushies, magazines from being lucky enough to have the subscription many years ago, tons of Neopets trading cards and more! Above is her favorite plushies along with a binder of trading cards, the magazines and the Neopets cookbook WTF’s partner got her (who also got her a Neopets wallet, true love). I think it’s safe to say we love Neopets and always have!

Our Neopets GFuel Set
New Neopets 25th Anniversary GFuel Set

In celebration of Neopets 25th Anniversary and the addition of the new plot, Neopets is introducing a few new ways to get your Neopets merch fix. They partnered with GFuel last year to offer this amazing set with 3 new flavors based on fruits and slushies in the Neopets game. It was pretty cool to find out what a Cheops plant tastes like, and Blue Slushie was our favorite! Not to mention how cute the cup was with the little Neopetss charms. You can now join the waitlist for a new 25th Anniversary GFuel set, which includes a Golden Slushie flavor that we cannot wait to try and a code for a virtual item in the Neopets game!

Neopets Battledome TCG Booster Box and Starter Set
Items from the Starter Set

Another new merch item that has recently come out is a new version of the Neopets TCG based on the Neopets Battledome. There are currently 2 starter decks available, as well as a booster box of “Defenders of Neopia” packs. Clever’s husband just gifted her the entire set, and it is amazing! You even get a virtual code for an exclusive avatar with each starter deck, and the packs could contain more virtual prize codes, of which I got one in my box. The game is meant to be a Battledome-style competition, where you can use potions and weapons to beat your opponent, as well as paintbrushes to level up your Neopets. It’s exciting to have an all-new Neopets TCG to collect as an adult!

A Few Foil Cards from Clever’s Packs

What Do You Think?

There are so many exciting things going on with Neopets this year. From fixing all the old flash games to creating a new plot, it feels both familiar and fresh. We are having a grand time revisiting Neopia, and we think you would too!

Have you ever played Neopets? Do you plan on getting back into it? Do you have a Neopets collection? Are you interested in any of the new merch? What is it you love most about Neopets? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading!

-Clever & WTF

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