Best Dragon Books for Fantasy Nerds

Greetings Fantasy Nerds! This week we will be discussing our picks for best dragon books. Dragons are synonymous with the Fantasy genre, without them Fantasy would never be the same. We hope you enjoy our list, and maybe find some new favorites! Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik This series has so many things going for it: the brilliant premise, relatable […]

Setting Up a Writing Spot

Items to Make Your Space Comfy First and foremost, you want your writing space to be somewhere you enjoy spending time. Make sure you have enough space to write, a comfortable chair, and an ambiance that leaves you feeling creative. Clever has a large desk with an extra monitor and keeps a pillow with a quote from one of her […]

The Spookiest Stories for Halloween

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! Since it’s Halloween weekend, we decided to do a round-up of our favorite scary stories for you to read. Some of these will be stories we have written, others are from guest writers we’ve featured on the blog, and some will be from outside writers whose work we enjoy. We hope you find a few stories to […]

Best of Halloween Horror Nights

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! It has become a family tradition for our siblings to go to Halloween Horror Nights together. It’s a night we look forward to every year. We thought we would share some of our favorites from this year in case you wanted to make a trip yourself, or were curious about what it’s like. Haunted Houses The Weeknd: […]

Embracing Your Fantasy Nerd Self

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! It’s no secret that we are proud of our weird and nerdy personalities, but that wasn’t always the case. We wanted to write this post for all our fellow nerds out there, especially the ones who are a bit shy about their weirdness. We think being weird and nerdy are exceptional qualities! We hope this post will […]

Fantasy Books You Should Read Based on Your Hogwarts House

This week we thought it would be fun to suggest books to read for your Hogwarts house! Each book or series we chose symbolizes each house’s main qualities. We hope you enjoy our picks, and maybe you will find your new favorite! Ravenclaw Intelligent and eccentric, Ravenclaws will enjoy fantasy books that help them to learn. They would gravitate towards […]

Best Toys for Fantasy Nerds

If you want to inspire some imagination in your kids, or you are an adult that is young at heart, we have a great list for you! We are sharing our favorite fantasy toys. Some of these we have ourselves and others we just really want. We hope you enjoy our list! Magic Mixies The first time I saw an […]

Best Writing Tools For Fantasy Nerds

Welcome Fantasy Nerds! This week we will be discussing our favorite writing tools. Writing tools can be anything from a physical item you use for writing, or steps you take to focus on your writing, continue reading for our favorites! Bullet Journals On our recent writing retreat, Clever gifted me with an Archer & Olive bullet journal that matches her […]