The Only Dragonrider

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! We are excited to do something that we have never done before at Clever & WTF….we are writing a story together!!! We will take turns writing a short chapter, and then the other person will continue the story the following week. We won’t talk about where we intend the story to go or any ideas we have. […]

Red Shadow

Alasdair clutched his cloak as the wind picked up, snow falling softly to the sodden ground, it was mid-winter. His toes were beginning to numb as he finally neared his small cottage home. He could see the smoke rising from his chimney, and imagined the warm fire and smiling wife waiting there to greet him. He grinned absentmindedly, he had […]

A Tyro’s Tale

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! Today we have a special treat for you…not one story, but two! The story below is the first story I ever had published, “A Tyro’s Tale”. You can still find it in the Write of Passion Literary Journal – The Fantasy Issue. As a bonus, my brand new story, “The True Gift”, was just published in the […]

The Music Box

I finish polishing the wood and open the lid of the music box. A tinkling melody floats into the crisp dawn air. Today is our anniversary and the song is the one we danced to on our wedding night. Not our customary first dance with our families surrounding us, their joyous smiles and tear-filled eyes watching. Although that song, and […]

The Connection

                Ugh, my brother is hogging the connection again. I pull myself off my bed and march down the hall to his room. I shove open the door without knocking.                 “Hey! What are you doing in my room?” my brother shouts with pinched-together eyebrows.                 “Get off the connection. You’re slowing it down and I’m trying to do my […]