The Jar

My family and I had taken a trip to a state we had never been to before. We did plenty of tourist activities, ate at well-known restaurants, and did a ghost tour. My mom loved a good ghost tour, her wavy hair bounced as she laughed and her eyes were wide with excitement at everything the tour guide was saying. […]

The World Turns

The air inside my house is stifling, full of memories I can’t face. I yank open my front door and blink at the harsh brightness of day. A man walking his dog waves politely. I tug at the hem of my shirt, suddenly conscious that I’m still in my pajamas and not wearing a bra. I hold up a hand […]

The Wing Thief – Chapter 2

After hours of heated debate, the faeries finally came to a conclusion of sorts. They would send out a group for reconnaissance to see if they even could find a wizard that would be willing to help them. They would travel to the nearest city of Alifen, which was full of magic-wielding beings as well as normal folk. Many heightened […]

The Wing Thief

There was a thief on the loose. They were large, wore attire that concealed themselves and would capture the delicate faeries and rip the wings right off of their bodies. Luckily for the faeries, their wings would grow back more often than not. It was still quite bothersome seeing as they couldn’t fly for a few weeks, and even more […]

A Fairy’s Tale

There once lived a little fairy named Alyssum. Alyssum was the tiniest of all the fairies in Elfhame. And as you may know, fairies were already quite small. When asked, Alyssum would tell you that she was 6 inches tall, even though she didn’t quite reach that height. She liked to round up. Most fairies were 7 or 8 inches […]

In the Pages of a Book – Epilogue

The book was safe, but more importantly, Janette and Charles were safe. They had settled into their new life together, Charles was in remission, Janette by his side throughout the last year of treatment. They ran the bookstore together, continuing to lend the book’s magic to those who needed it. Roy was in prison for breaking and entering, and assault. […]

In the Pages of a Book – Chapter 4 

If you haven’t read any of In the Pages of a Book yet, you can start here with Chapter 1! Trigger Warning: Topics of abuse Chapter 4 – Janette’s Story The man in the dark jacket was now hovering around the bookstore more boldly. The man was harassing the boy, Lucas, outside the shop. Janette had seen him many times, […]

In the Pages of a Book – Chapter 3

This story is part of a collaborative series. You can start reading from the beginning here. Chapter 3 – Lucas’ Story Lucas felt his mom tap on his shoulder, and he pulled one earbud out but didn’t take his eyes off his phone. His favorite streamer was live right now playing the beta of a new game.  “Do you want […]

In the Pages of a Book – Chapter 2

If you haven’t read Chapter 1, you can do so here! Chapter 2 – Alyssa’s Story I had been pacing my room back and forth all day. I couldn’t help but fidget with anything I could get my hands on, my mind racing. Currently, my victim was a bending straw, I was wiggling it back and forth until it wore […]

In the Pages of a Book

Chapter 1 – Charles’ Story The doctor said to let him know what Charles wanted to do, like there was even really a choice. Immense suffering and the loss of any number of pleasures that make life worth living, or to not have a life left to live at all. It was obvious which choice was the lesser of two […]