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A Tyro’s Tale

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! Today we have a special treat for you…not one story, but two! The story below is the first story I ever had published, “A Tyro’s Tale”. You can still find it in the Write of Passion Literary Journal – The Fantasy Issue. As a bonus, my brand new story, “The True Gift”, was just published in the […]

Best TV Shows for Fantasy Nerds

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! This is the next post in our series, “Best Things for Fantasy Nerds”. Today we are talking about the best fantasy-related TV shows. We decided to focus on some more recent shows, because there are so many TV shows out there.  Game of Thrones Game of Thrones is the embodiment of fantasy. I doubt anyone is surprised […]

This Is Why I Don’t Like Halloween

Ellie stumbled out of her bed, flinging her covers off “Fuck” she mumbled “I slept in late AGAIN” She did this every morning, staying up too late at night, snoozing her alarm about ten times before she actually got out of bed. She quickly pulled on her favorite, but very worn, pair of jeans, and a pulled a hoodie over […]

The Hex Signs

The first time I saw Stephen, he painted a hex sign on my right arm, and I couldn’t move my fingers for three hours. When I found him again the next day, I asked how he had done it. He just gave me a lopsided smile, the kind when someone knows something you don’t, and I decided right then that […]

Best Mobile Apps for Fantasy Nerds

Welcome, Fantasy Nerds! This is the next installment in our series, “Best Things for Fantasy Nerds”, where we share with you all the things we think are great. Next time, WTF will cover the best video games, so be sure to check back in two weeks. For now, let’s talk about the best mobile apps for fantasy nerds! Wizards Unite […]


Have you ever thought that one moment, one action could send you spiraling out of control? Like a fragile mask slipping off and shattering, slipping into insanity, your true form exposed. I’ve had for a long time this feeling bubbling up inside, feeling at times it would burst through to the surface. I always struggled to keep maintained, push it […]

Best Adult Fantasy Series

Greetings Fantasy Nerds! So this post is about my picks for the best Adult Fantasy series. You can probably guess a few I’ll be writing about, but hopefully you will get some insight and ideas for new books to check out! The Lord of the Rings First and most important is The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien. This […]

The Mastermind – Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 of The Mastermind, you can find it here. Now for Part 2! We start with the background research on all the involved parties. Sorren finds every detail about them, from where our client ate lunch last Tuesday to when our potential victim last took her Pomeranian, Buttercup, to the groomer. “Who gets a Pomeranian?” […]

The Mastermind – Part 1

I know, I know. Us outlaws are supposed to slink into the crowded inn wearing a dusty black cloak that’s faded to grey. We’re not supposed to draw attention to ourselves. But I can’t help it that my favorite color is bright pink. And if you’re going to wear such a fine pink cloak, you should wear it well, am […]